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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 15.39 - 06/14/6020 TAM  - 09/02/2020 AD


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From Eliyahu

Consider this:

Do you want to be free? Of course you do! Being free to make your own choices is one of the key characteristics demonstrating that we, human beings, are created in the image of God. Had we been created as we are, except without the capacity for freedom, we would be machines, not people. Even the word ‘freedom’ has powerful emotive force, instantaneously evoking strong emotions. The normal response to the word 'freedom' is almost exclusively positive. ‘Freedom’ seems noble and admirable. It is hard to imagine anyone being opposed to it. In fact, many people have gone to war and laid down their lives for the cause of freedom, of liberty.

This brings us back to my opening question: Do you want to be free? While we all would be inclined to answer 'yes', perhaps we would do better answering that question with a question: what do you mean by 'free'? Surprisingly, answers to this question vary widely, and not everything one person may see as coming under the heading of 'freedom' agrees with another person's definition of the same word. Yes, ‘freedom’ is used to mean many different and even incompatible things. For example, ‘freedom fighters’ are perceived to be good guys, the brave underdogs fighting tyranny. But what about ‘terrorists’? Bad guys, right? Yet, both terms are used to describe the same people!

Freedom in balanceIn modern times we hear a lot about 'rights' - 'rights' are perceived as anything a person has an innate freedom to do. To be deprived of your 'rights' is an injustice against you. That all sounds fine, until we get to the discussion of who gets what 'rights.' For example, in the USA the Constitution contains a "Bill of Rights" that sets forth a list of freedoms that are considered 'unalienable' because those are 'rights' that come from the Creator. The important thing here is that these are individual rights that apply to every person equally under law. The Constitution recognizes that everyone must be on a level playing field as to rights, and that rights of all individuals must be balanced out equally so that everyone enjoys their freedom, while not infringing on the freedom of other citizens. To accomplish this, (in theory at least) laws are enacted "for the common good" to restrict the 'rights' of one person from infringing on the 'rights' of another, or of society as a whole. Through such publically agreed laws that reflect a common set of public restrictions, the ‘people as a sovereign body’ serves to protect against violations of individual liberty and tyrannical power. At the time the Constitution was framed, there was an underlying moral framework of behavior that nearly everyone accepted as valid. Namely, the Bible. This made it fairly easy to pass laws everyone agreed upon against various forms of theft, violence, murder, and other harmful conduct. This near universal moral code coupled with a body of civil laws to insure the same, protected everybody's rights. Where no such common body exists, individuals are deprived of this protection of their rights, and the tranquility of society necessary to enjoy one's freedom. With this common system of law and order in place, and respected, everybody wins.

Freedom out of balanceI'm pretty sure we all know that system never worked perfectly. That's because there have always been people who are completely selfish and care nothing for the rights or others, just their own personal freedom to loot, rape and kill at will. Other selfish people are more subtle in their approach, but still criminals and law-breakers who are more than willing to advance their own interests at the expense of others. Besides all of that, and a far greater threat to freedom, are the super-wealthy elite class, who have always had the view that they are better than everyone else, and that they should be in charge. These elite have far more than their share of the earth's resources under their control, so have the power to pose the most dangerous threat to freedom. They have, in fact, been warring against freedom for centuries, seeking to subjugate the masses to themselves. In the twentieth century they made huge steps forward. In 1913 they got the Federal Reserve passed into law, giving them control of the country's money supply. This has given them control over the government itself. In 1948, they raised up the United Nations, which has been a powerful force for creating and enforcing a globalist set of moral values that undermines the principles of the Bible, and the Constitution, pushing humanity toward a globalist dictatorship. This globalist monster has been behind the constant undermining of the Bible and the Constitution, the cornerstone of freedom in America. The Bible and the Ten Commandments have been systematically removed from the public schools, the courts and other public institutions over the decades. Mind-altering drugs and a perverted social and sexual agenda have been systematically advanced over decades, destroying the very foundations of society. Corporations have been given 'rights' that are used to pay off the politicians while dominating the people and siphoning off an ever-growing percentage of the world's wealth. Rights of individuals are now giving way to rights of certain classes of people over other classes - something never envisioned in the Constitution, and wholly destructive to it. Now, we have anarchy in our streets, and freedom as we have known it is in its final death throws, soon to go under the globalist waves. As if that were not bad enough, technology has given the globalist elite near total ability to spy on and control earth's billions. Soon, within a far shorter time than most of us are prepared for, freedom as we've known it will be gone, as a new global government takes over. There will be no personal freedom in the nations of the world.

Pass the hammer.We have only one hope of escape from the globalist tyranny overtaking the earth - the Remnant Exodus. This has been prophesied in Scripture for our time. Are you willing to exercise whatever personal freedom you still have to build up YHWH's nation in advance of the coming tyranny? In the time of Noah, as the world approached its end, Noah and his family eschewed many of the personal freedoms of that world. Instead, they did their duty of building an Ark for their own salvation and the salvation of a world to come. When the Flood came, only those who worked building the Ark were saved in the Ark. If you are going on with your life as usual, doing little or nothing to build up the Remnant Nation, thinking that you will be included in the Remnant Exodus, perhaps you should rethink your position. Only those who built the Ark were saved in the Ark. All the rest were washed away.

Personal Freedom vs Kingdom Duty, that's our theme tonight. This will be aired tonight, at tsiyon.net, at 8 pm cst. Think about what's really important.

Blessings and good health to you!



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