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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 15.40 - 06/21/6020 TAM  - 09/09/2020 AD


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Psalms 46:10+11

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From Eliyahu

Consider this:

2020 insanityCovid-19 has created a pressure-cooker environment of insanity. Many are horrified to see, on every side, all time-tested pillars of stability in society being deliberately and fundamentally attacked, and burned down. The arsonists are not in the majority - yet - so they have abandoned the free speech and public discourse civilization requires as the means for people to peacefully resolve conflicts of opinion. Instead, like two-year-olds having a tantrum, they just destroy everything in their path to get their way. In times past, like responsible adults, the police would step in and put an end to the tactics of chaos. Yet, at such a time as this, when more and better-equipped police are needed to maintain order in the streets, the demand is being made to defund the police - and even government leaders are supporting this absurd idea! Of course the rioting mob wants the police out of the way! The really scary thing here is that elected leaders and officials are cooperating with the mob, and not with the guardians of civil society. Surely this is a harbinger of the end of America and the preservation of the public good America once stood for.

UN on patriarchyOf course, this is not only happening in America. Around the world everything that is time-tested and has been working in society for thousands of years is now a target for the trash heap - and Covid-19 is seen as the opportunity for activists to smash down the traditional order to bring in their brave new world. Consider this Twitter tweet from the United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres from a speech last month. The dreaded "patriarchy" is the target.

The statement clearly recognizes that patriarchy has been in place for "millennia." This is manifestly true as a historical fact. In all but, possibly, a handfull of cultures, dating back to the beginning of time, society has been mostly under the leadership of men. In the view of the UN, it still is - but that "damages everyone." Covid-19 must be used to change that!

The UN chief offers as proof that women are highly capable, with the qualities needed to make great leaders. He thinks that means we should have just as many female leaders at every level as we do male leaders. The implication is, that women are being held back from leadership by the evil patriarchy. What is wrong with this picture?

Someone should inform the UN and Mr. Guterres that the patriarchy is well aware of the many highly impressive qualities of women. Rather than seeing women as stupid and unable to lead, most men actually admire women for more than their good looks (although we like that too). We know women have abundant intelligence and admirable qualities, some of which surpass men in general. A lot of us have wives who did better in school than we did, so know this personally first-hand. Perhaps the difference between the UN and ordinary men and women is that most ordinary people want to have a family and a workable order to support our families, care for our kids, and have some happiness together! The UN may think we all, men and women, should be work horses for the system (where do the kids fit into that?). Sane people have not thought that for millennia and have no good reason to mess up man-woman relations now. Women have historically chosen to focus on family while men have been the primary providers and protectors of the family. The reason we don't have as many women as men in high-power leadership is because more women have chosen to do other things with their lives that are more meaningful to them. Should the UN force those women to be "leaders" anyway? Every man who really thinks about it knows that women already have a lot more power than men do. They alone have the power to bring new life into the world! The greatest human loyalty of most men is toward a woman - mom or wife. The men may run the world, but the women have great influence over those very men. I have observed that the wisest women know that, and that is exactly how they want it.

A way out of Wonderland.Getting back to my main point though, we are living in an Alice In Wonderland sort of world where every pillar of sanity and good order is being turned on its head. Earlier generations passed down these pillars of sanity from generation to generation. However, from the 60s forward, a more "progressive" ideology has been foisted upon us, that laid the ideological groundwork for the massive insanity that is now sweeping the world. The social and personal problems and conflicts now impacting the lives of all of us, especially those who are young enough to have never known sane society, are legion. This is taking us to an unprecedented social crisis of global proportions. Refugees from the crazy new order will be looking for some place of refuge. A place where they can learn how to think, and how to live. We, the Remnant, are called to be that oasis of sanity, an alternative for those with righteous hearts. The place that they can run to. To become that, we must get our own hearts and minds in good order, aligned with the perfect will of our Creator. Yet, we must admit that we too have been effected from the massive waves of deception that have swept in, non-stop, for decades. We too, perhaps unknown to ourselves, have bought into some of those deceptions and they have planted deep roots of untruth in our hearts - roots that could derail the Assembly from ever rising up to be the beacon of truth and safety in an otherwise wholly degenerate world. Removing those poisonous roots is absolutely essential to our mission, so is the topic for tonight's online meeting.

Poisonous Roots Trouble the Assembly, will lead you to a better understanding of your own heart, and might free you from sources of pain you never knew you had. This will be streamed tonight, at tsiyon.net, at 8 pm cst. Let's take a deep dive together into the mystery of the human heart, and how to fix it.

Blessings and good health to you!



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