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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 15.43 - 07/08/6020 TAM  - 09/25/2020 AD


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“Be still, and know that I am Elohim. I will be exalted among the nations. I will be exalted in the earth.
YHWH of Armies is with us. The Elohim of Jacob is our refuge. Selah.”
Psalms 46:10+11

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From Eliyahu

Consider this:

This article mentions suicide and other unpleasant realities of 2020. If hearing about those things could be a problem for your mental health, you may choose not to read this.

Breaking bad for the young.Something really tragic and ugly has been going on starting in 2008, and I want to suggest a possible reason. What has been happening? The suicide rate among young people 18 to 24 has increased every year starting in 2008, according to a new analysis of CDC data. This has risen to such a crisis level that now suicide is the second highest cause of death in this youngest adult age group, right after accidents. As long as I can remember there have always been some few disturbed individuals who commit suicide, but nothing like this. Now to learn that our youngest adults are facing suicide as their second most frequent killer - why, that is a heart-wrenching fact! The latest data I've spoken of here so far is for 2008-2018. That's right, this does not include the statistics for this present crazy year of 2020, which are sure to be much worse (we'll get to 2020 in a moment). Let's just focus on the fact that a lot of young people of college age, more every year, are looking around them only to see things getting worse with no hope of anything to keep living for. Now, I don't agree with that choice, and I would love to have a chance to point these young folks toward the source of real joy and hope, but that is not my point with these statistics.

Why is it getting worse every year?My point is, things really must be getting worse year after year starting with 2008, for this tragedy to be consistently getting worse year after year since then. This is especially grim for me, since, in 2008, I publicly predicted unprecedented troubles were about to be unleashes on the world that would occur with ever-increasing intensity, similar to birth pains, getting worse and worse. On my radio program On the Road to Tsiyon in 2008 I started in the spring and continued each week all summer with new material weekly detailing how and why this would be happening, specifically starting in 2008 as a marked year. I predicted what these troubles would include, and even used the phrase "global economic crisis" (before the phrase came into common use) just a few months before it actually happened! We still play these programs from time to time on Tsiyon Road Radio, and our Tsiyon Partners still listen to them on demand at Tsiyon.Net.

Judgment Day BookGetting the word out on what was starting in 2008 was my major push at that time, and thereafter. Besides publicizing this on my radio program for months on end, I was a guest on quite a few other radio programs and radio stations being interviewed about this. This is a matter of public record. In addition, I authored a book which was published in 2009 that explains how I learned of this, how this all began, and where it is going. The book became a best seller in its category on Amazon, and is still highly relevant, maybe even more relevant now then it was when first published. The plan was to write a series of books thereafter on the book of Revelation, and how that would unfold, as started in the first book. However, those very events soon outstripped my intention to author more books, because I myself have been occupied directly with the fallout from the things I've written about. Because of time constraints I opted to make videos in the years since that book, to get the word out faster! My point here is this: Since making these predictions in 2008, every year since then I have watched layer upon layer of the troubles I predicted stacking up, one upon another. At first, when I publicized this, only a relative few would really listen. Since then, the downward direction of the world has become so obvious that even the most determined optimists are now getting the picture. This brings us to 2020.

A wild ride ahead.For January 2020, news articles in popular media came out talking about what a glorious decade was ahead, starting with 2020. By contrast, my first newsletter of January 3, 2020 featured the picture and caption to the right, and predicted:

"..an upcoming decade filled with shocks and problems unlike any the world has ever faced before. These will have the general effect of stripping ordinary people of their rights, their freedoms, their money, their homes, and sometimes even their food and water. Many people are expected to push back against the on-coming globalist ever-present control, with the culture and class wars sparking new tensions and conflicts. This will bring on more oppressive control from the system, in an effort to keep and expand their 21st century domain."  

Does that early prediction, before we learned of covid-19, sound about right for 2020 so far? Many people still don't get it, thinking that things will soon return to "normal" as soon as we are past the pandemic. No, no, no, no, no. This is just the start of a dark decade that, like I said, is going to be a wild ride! The world literally has never seen anything like the series of troubles and shocks that will continue to unfold with ever-greater intensity through these years just ahead of us. No one wants to hear this, and many hate me for breaking their bubble. I can't help that. Reality can be a hard master for those who refuse to submit to it, but submit they will, because reality always wins.

This is a frightening picture, when we consider the great masses of people who are already buckling under the stress of 2020. At the end of June, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) surveyed about 10,000 Americans on the state of their mental health. They found symptoms of anxiety and depression were up sharply across the board between March and June of 2020. Young people aged 18 to 24 were especially hit. When respondents were asked in that survey if they had "seriously considered" suicide in the last 30 days a shocking 1 in 4 of the young people said they had. This is a shocking figure, when we would expect those young and strong young people to be the most resilient. Yet, it turns out that their mental health is the most fragile of all adults.

Mass craziness of 2020 - and beyond.Of course, people of all ages have had negative mental health consequences from the pandemic. A KFF Tracking Poll conducted in mid-July found that 53% of adults in the United States admitted their mental health had been negatively effected from stress due to covid-19. If this is where society is at now, considering only one problem, and not factoring in, fires, floods, social unrest, food shortages, loss of businesses, jobs, houses, and so much more - where will society be in ten years? 

Let me tell you where. Right at the door of the end of the world as we know it.

Is that a bad thing?

It will be a very bad thing for most of the people who get that far.

However, for a select few, it will be the best thing that could ever happen.

You are in the funnel!It is a known fact that in any crisis those who accept reality early, and adapt with faith, courage and a sound mind, are the ones who overcome. That is the upside of this newsletter. That's why I've been speaking harsh reality for decades. Not to discourage people or to ruin their fun. No. I want to prepare them for the end of the world. Most still don't want to hear it.

Remember this: the end of the world is not just one heart-stopping moment. It is a series of years shaped like a funnel. Everyone gets dumped into the large end, and then meets many obstacles along the way, with a growing number being eliminated at each new compression. It is not just the end you have to worry about. It is every one of the lesser ends along the way that you will need to get past. If you overcome them all, then you will be among the small group of overcomers who emerge victorious at the final end of the funnel - to enter into indescribable and eternal joy!

I want that! I want you to have it too! You won't get that by accident. You must decide to overcome all the way to the end, and you must dedicate yourself to that outcome. Knowing the times and what to expect can help to keep you from giving up. That's why all this Month 7 we are offering our re-mastered Ages of the World Series. I've been right about the times, not because I'm brilliant - but because my Father in Heaven is brilliant. Let me share with you what He has shared with me. Some of it is not the conventional wisdom, so might be a challenge for you. Give it a chance. It's worked for me so far, with remarkable accuracy.

Be with us tonight for our 1st premier of this re-mastered Ages of the World Series. Tonight's presentation is entitled Seven Days of Creation. Since this is a series, each presentation will build on the one before it, so taking in this first one will get you off to the right start. Invite your friends and relatives too, since this message is for every teachable person now facing the upcoming End of the Age. This will be aired tonight, at tsiyon.net, at 8 pm cst. New folks can sign up there for free. This series will pinpoint our location in the stream of time, and will reveal from Scripture where we've got to get, to make it to the end.

Blessings and good health to you!


PS - This is our first Sabbath of Month 7. We have prepared special messages for all of the specials days of Month 7, and will send you an announcement each time we have a special event, detailing out everything we have in store for this special month!


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