Are there really signs that America is doomed?


Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 16.02 - 10/28/6020 TAM - 01/12/2021 AD

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Doom for America is written in the sky!

From Eliyahu

Consider this:

Today the term NAZI immediately brings to mind the horror of a murderous and insidious evil. Everyone knows that Hitler hated the Jews above all others, and eventually killed at least six million of them, which is probably a small fraction of the real number. None of this should have come by surprise at the time. From the 20s forward Hitler had made the Jews the scapegoat to Germany's problems in his fiery speeches. He was creating a growing hatred of the Jews among Germany's citizens very early on, which in fact, helped to launch him into power.

A mark of hatred
Why not flee?

No doubt, the reasons for that short-sightedness are varied.

However, in attempting to find the answer to this very question, Andrew Nagorski, author of the book: “Hitlerland: American Eyewitnesses to the Nazi Rise to Power,” Nagorski seems to put his finger on one important answer. In an article in the Jewish journal Forward, Nagorski tells the story of an American, Robert Murphy, who became concerned for the life of his Jewish friend, Paul Drey, a German employee who was a member of a distinguished Bavarian Jewish family. Nagorski writes:


"As late as 1938, Murphy flew back to Munich to urge [Drey] to flee the country, assuring his friend that he’d find a job for him elsewhere. Drey thanked him but turned him down, saying that the “temporary madness” in his country would soon pass. Drey died later in Dachau. With the benefit of hindsight, such behavior appears perplexing, even infuriating. But for many well-educated Jews, non-Jews, Germans and Americans, Hitler’s rants and behavior seemed too bizarre, too far removed from any rational frame of reference, to be taken seriously. Which is why so many appeared to be in denial about what was happening until it was too late."

They vilification soon followed
1933 revisited

Fast-forward from Hitler's Germany when he gained power in 1933, to America now. A sinister change is now underway in America that is changing everything in this country. Enemies of the regime are now being identified, silenced, and put on lists for future 'housekeeping' operations. The picture is every bit as serious for targeted groups of Americans today as it was for targeted groups of Germans in 1933. There is now a closing window of opportunity in America for the Remnant Exodus to occur - Remember, as goes America so goes the world.


Once that boat floats that opportunity will be over and the destruction determined will happen. All of the righteous who have ears to hear in every nation must identify with the Remnant Nation and seriously join with us to get organized for the prophesied move out of all the nations, back to our Land - or miss the boat.


That brings us to the topic of tonight's latest message, entitled: Signs America Is Doomed. This message is a follow-up message to the "One And Only Nation Written in the Stars" video series. That series was about the light of Remnant Israel growing in the world. However, that light grows in a time of great darkness, and that side of the story must also be addressed. That's why this message must be about the Signs America is Doomed. Believe me, I don't like that title either, but we are committed to tell the truth around here and this is the truth. And yes, we will get a lot of push-back on this, so be prepared for that.


This presentation is not just for our current friends and supporters. It is meant for as large an audience as we can reach. This is a timely message, and anybody you care about needs to hear it!  We are making it available to all members, including free members, and later will be broadcasting it on all of our public channels. Please make a plan to help us get this out to as many righteous people as possible, since it could literally save their lives!


Please join us tonight, at, at 8 pm cst, for the premier of this timely message: Signs America is Doomed. This is a game-changer and absolutely everyone who has ever had an interest in the Tsiyon message needs to see this!

Blessings and good health to you!



PS - While I am not political myself, I believe the changing political landscape is very significant from a Biblical perspective. Below is a take on the emerging political situation in America that, if understood, will help you to grasp how and why America, as many of us have imagined it, is now gone forever. Corrections in brackets [] are mine.



Neo-fascism comes to the USA

By M. Dowling - January 11, 20211


Americans are now witnessing neo-fascism in America under the guise of socialism. In nine days [on January 20th], you will see the [manifest] uniting of private entities of the Left and government. Together they will control all facets of communication, the economy, education, and what we are allowed to see and hear.


It will be the most powerful force in [of] the world.


The state cannot control media per se, but they will do it through their power over Big Tech and media and the other pillars of society.


Before nations are taken over by statists, they promote all extremes of free speech. They do it so they won’t be banned. When they have enough power, they ban free speech. People might want to keep this in mind. We currently have a situation where social medial bans the President of the United States, claiming he is dangerous, while allowing free reign to Chinese Communists, Iran, American communists, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and other terrorist organizations.


[The globalists are] not interested in a free market, free speech, or freedom for the individual. They are collectivists. The collective will manipulate the rest of us and we must comply.



Massive private entities [i.e. "the elite"] have exerted monopoly power and consolidated various industries, including the news industries while buying both Republicans and Democrats to pass legislation and treaties that export jobs and increase the transfer of wealth from the middle class to those at the top. The political class has sold out their constituents. This is the natural course of events when anti-trust laws are not enforced and when a small handful of people control all the wealth and power. It is the way of the world and we are succumbing [have succumbed].


[The manifest ruling party is] the party of Neo-Fascism. At the same time, they successfully portray their opponents as Fascists. BLM and Antifa are like their Nazi brownshirts. The January 6th riot is their Reichstag fire.


While crushing small business, using the COV as an excuse, while allowing Walmarts and other big stores to operate, appears to have a purpose. Without small business, we don’t have capitalism and we don’t have a middle class. [Without which citizens don't have freedom or meaningful defense.]


Lie after lie, oppression, and fear, all from [the corrupt political system of both parties], yet Americans do not see.


The Middle Class, religion, individual freedom cannot survive in their world and they will destroy every bit of it ... They want power and control.

Source: https://www.independentsentinel[dot]com/neo-fascism-comes-to-the-usa/


Be still, and know that I am Elohim. I will be exalted among the nations. I will be exalted in the earth. YHWH of Armies is with us. The Elohim of Jacob is our refuge. Selah.   Psalms 46:10+11

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