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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 16.11 - 01/07/6021 TAM - 03/20/2021 AD

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It's a personal story.

From Eliyahu

Tonight is our first meeting of the new Hebrew Year of 6021

Passover occurs after sundown,  March 27, 2021


Consider this:


2020 was an earth-changing year. 2021 promises to be filled with even more chaos and change. In short, everything Tsiyon has been telling you over the last two decades has now happened or is in the process of happening. Bottom line - the globalists are in control and the trajectory of the world will soon take us to the prophesied global government of Revelation 13. All of the chaos is meant to bring the world in line with the Global Goals of United Nations Agenda 2030.


The key to dealing with this is to get ahead of the curve of events, acting before they happen. Bible prophecy marks out the way. Tsiyon has broadcast thousands of hours of radio programming and produced hundreds of hours of video, much of it foretelling in advance the actual events that have transpired or are now transpiring in the world. Also, we have consistently published everything you need to be part of Yah's nation, to be ready for the remnant exodus, and the events to follow. Yet, there is a problem with all of this information.


The problem is, there is so much valuable information published from Tsiyon that members are often overwhelmed with the sheer volume of it, not knowing where to start, or where to go next. Now, we have a solution for that...

Too much to grasp?
Take the Fast Track!

Each month during this new Hebrew year, which began at sundown of March 14, 2021, we will be focusing on a different topic, with some of Tsiyon's key messages on that topic. These will be included in our Tsiyon meetings online. Through the course of the year we will develop a logical framework of our teachings that will continue to build with each new topic each month. If you will stick with us, and come to each meeting each week, or view the video on demand afterwards, you will get the big picture of what Tsiyon uniquely teaches. This will be just in time for the Shmita year that follows. This will only take an hour or two a week. At the end of each month's messages, we will give you some suggestions for more on the topic, should you want to dig deeper. We also recommend that you do our Tsiyon Torah Course, since the Torah is the Constitution of our nation of Renewed Israel. Each lesson is only about 20 minutes, and you can do them at your own pace.


The Fast Track starts with tonight's meeting. Let me tell you about it!

Tsiyon Tabernacle
A personal history of Tsiyon

Many people often ask us how Tsiyon began. It seems like a lot of folks want to know that before digging deeper into Tsiyon. That's why, for this first month of the new year we want to share our personal history of Tsiyon with you. Where did Tsiyon come from and how did it get from there to here? Actually, Tsiyon started with one family, a call from the Lord, and the struggles involved with obedience to that call. Wherever there is a call from the Lord struggles follow, because every move of the Kingdom is always battled by the enemy. Yet, our Messiah already won the victory, and He is with us through every battle. In Him, our story is one of overcoming faith, and we want you to know some of what we have come through by His grace and power, to bring you the Tsiyon message.


For this, we are reaching back to the dedication of the Tsiyon Tabernacle in 2015, when this presentation of Eliyahu and Dawn was first presented for the Dedication gathering. Back then video was not up to the standards it is now, so we have re-mastered this very personal story of Eliyahu and Dawn for you. Please don't miss this first in this year's Fast Track series.


To join us for this special meeting, simply log in to Tsiyon Tabernacle and look near the top of the home page for the meeting stream link. If you've not registered or signed in yet, please do so now. It is free and simply requires your email address to sign up. If you have any problems logging in, just click the live chat at Tsiyon.org or any Tsiyon site. We look forward to sharing the personal story of Tsiyon with you.


Blessings and good health to you!



PS - Our next meeting after tonight will be on Passover evening, March 27, 2021. We will begin our meeting that evening at 8 PM CST as usual. We will have a timely Passover presentation for you that will last until approximately 9 PM. At that time we will partake of the "Lord's Supper" live online, together with all of our viewers who would like to partake along with us.  Please have your unleavened bread and wine ready if you would like to participate with remnant folks from around the world.


Remember this: he who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly.

He who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully.  2 Corinthians 9:6

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