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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 16.15 - 01/07/6021 TAM - 04/19/2021 AD

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A Year of Cosmic Change

From Eliyahu


"Cosmic Change" -


The very term "cosmic change" suggests a sort of turning point that is universal - not just limited to the earth. "A Year of Cosmic Change" would have to be a year in which dramatic signs in the physical heavens would signal drastic changes coming in the trajectory of world events - all of this originating from, and manifesting, realities brought about by plans unfolding from the spirit realms.


Years in advance, 2015 was seen as possibly being a year of cosmic change. For a long time a celestial sign was documented as part of the data at the NASA website. The page that the data is listed on says "Last Updated: 2011 May 23". I don't know how long before that date the data was first posted. However it happened, someone noticed the posting and realized the blood moon eclipses listed for 2014/15 were the same as the expected dates for Passover and Sukkot for those same years.

[NASA webpage: (https://eclipse.gsfc.nasa[dot]gov/LEcat5/LE2001-2100.html)]


That's four blood moon eclipses in a row on these Biblical holy days. This is highly unusual. This was dubbed "Tetrad Blood Moons" - "The Tetrads" for short. Articles started being posted about the Tetrad Sign, videos were made, and books were published, all by various authors, all seeing the Tetrads as a sign of some sort of upcoming cosmic change. Some thought the Tetrads would bring in the "Pre-Tribulation Rapture" - some said "The Great Tribulation" - some said "the End of the World." We now know that none of those things happened in 2015 - but does that mean the Tetrads were meaningless, or simply that it was not known what they would signal? If they were significant, they would have to be a sign of some great change.   

Something is about to change.
It ALL changed!

The Hebrew Shmita Year that commenced in 2015 turned out to be a year of very great change.


Consider some of the events of that year with Dawn and I, in tonight's presentation: "A Year of Cosmic Change". I believe as you look back at those events in hindsight from 2021, you will see how 2015 was a pivotal year setting the stage for all the massive change the world has gone through, and continues to go through, since that year. At this point, it is not just a matter of some theory of what could happen - instead, we can now see that the world we live in today is very much a product of actual world-changing events that did happen in 2015! You have personally been effected by those changes, so, as you look back on that year of 2015, you should now be able to see clear evidence of a global plan that has been unfolding before your eyes - a plan that provably surfaced in that year of 2015! To understand the past is to know the future, so this is very relevant for your life as events unfold. 


That Shmita Year of 2015 was also a big year for Tsiyon. It was the year we finally got our Tsiyon Headquarters built, dedicated, and fully operational, right at the start of that Hebrew year. We put out a lot of new revelation from Tsiyon throughout that year. Just before the end of that year, I had a heart attack, and the blood literally congealed in my veins, and I died. Obviously, I didn't stay dead, or I wouldn't be writing this newsletter right now. I have to say, what happened that day, at the end of the 2015 Shmita Year, represented a cosmic change for me personally. Dawn and I are each going to share our individual testimony about this, and a lot more, in tonight's Tsiyon meeting stream. 


"A Year of Cosmic Change" is the theme of our presentation at tonight's Tsiyon Meeting. Join us tonight at Tsiyon.Net at 8:00 PM CST for this unique presentation. Please don't miss this!


Blessings and good health to you!




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