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From Eliyahu


Consider this:


"Tribalism" is a word you almost never hear in a positive light, even though politicians and political pundits spit out the word in disgust all too frequently.  

Here is the Oxford Languages Dictionary definition:

Tribalism, noun
the state or fact of being organized in a tribe or tribes.
DEROGATORY: the behavior and attitudes that stem from strong loyalty to one's own tribe or social group. "a society motivated by cultural tribalism"

As with anything, there can be negative applications of tribalism. However, I would put forward the position that today's strong distaste for tribal organization is a holdover from colonial days, when western powers considered tribal peoples as inferior savages whom they thus felt justified to dominate. That colonial mindset itself is the more recent child of the Greek and Roman powers which undertook to subjugate and assimilate the tribal peoples of the world into their respective empires.


Today, anti-tribalism is carried forward because tribalism is the natural enemy of globalism, and globalism is the mindset the elites of the world wish to inculcate in us all. What serves their vision best is the creation of a world mono-culture that homogenizes all the varied peoples of the world into a helpless slave race subjugated and controlled by the globalist technocracy. At this point, progress toward that goal seems to be accelerating faster than anyone could have ever imagined.   

There is another reason why tribal organization is so hated by the powerful of the world. That reason is that tribes are simply big families, each descended from the family of one common ancestor. In other words, tribal organization is organic, natural order which is, in fact, the way that the Creator organized the families of mankind. If anyone has any doubts about that, read the Table of Nations in Genesis 10. Tribal loyalty is family loyalty, but on a larger scale. Just as one should honor one's father and mother, because one's life is from that wellspring, one should be loyal to one's tribe for the same reason. This family source gives tribal government its natural moral authority over its own. 


In that sense, patriotic loyalty to a man-made political system is an unnatural substitute for the tribal loyalty which springs from the family source of authority over one's own life. This family authority of tribalism can be traced back to the Creator Himself who gave it, while the political substitutes for tribal order all have the fingerprints of the devil upon them. The devil and all his helpers hate natural families, and undermine them in every way possible, to sap the natural authority from them to power their own machine. Of course they hate tribal order for the same reason.     


The globalist monoculture is a man-made construct designed to steal your natural identity and the rich legacy and authority that goes with it. Not just yours - everybody's. The literal purpose of this theft is to emasculate you, and all of us, so that we can be easily controlled by the globalist system. Ultimately there will prove to be no escape from being run through the blender into the mass of globalist goo that soon will be the world system of anti-humanity. No escape, that is, except one. Not surprisingly, that way of escape involves tribalism.


Foreseeing all of this, YHWH chose one tribal nation as His own, the tribal nation of Israel. That tribal nation was scattered throughout the earth and intermixed with every nation. Virtually every person of the entire human race, at this point, has a lost Israelite heritage they know nothing about. Think about it. You have an Israelite identity, history, and place in that nation. I am talking about who you really are in the Kingdom of God! Preserved within that tribal identity is your tribal authority, tribal dignity, tribal purpose, and a tribal future. Why is it that the New Jerusalem has twelve gates, entrances, named after the Twelve Tribes of Israel? It is because everyone who will enter in must have a tribal identity in Israel! You need to discover your tribal identity now! (Rev 21)


The very foundations of our tribal nation in Biblical Israel, have been supernaturally preserved for us, even so late as these last days. By returning to our family foundation we can recapture our true identity that has been hidden, maligned, obfuscated and stolen by the devil and his friends. You CAN get that back!  Join me tonight for a reunion with your tribal origin family, and come to grips with your true identity in YHWH. That's tonight at Tsiyon.Net at 8:00 PM CST at our live online Tsiyon meeting. We will be having a whole series on this vital topic throughout the month. If you really get this it will fortify you to battle the Beast.


Blessings and good health to you!




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