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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 16.28 - 05/14/6021 TAM - 07/24/2021 AD

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The Breastplate is the key!

From Eliyahu


Consider this:


Here we are, living through the "new normal" of 2021. The Billionaire Boys Club has launched their new hobby, launching themselves to the edge of space in their trendy space ships, as an amusement that only the rich can afford. Meanwhile, back on earth, things are not looking so amusing. Fires are burning in Oregon so large that the smoke has spread across the entire nation, making the air toxic for people coast to coast. Major flooding has been bringing destruction and havoc to the world from Germany to China. Wars and rumors of wars continue to brew, as does unrest in the hearts of many.  News of global pestilence continues to churn up fear among the masses, with the same sort of confusion and hysteria we have grown used to over the last year and a half. The push goes on to include every person in the global genetic experiment called a "vaccine" - with new methods of coercion being reported daily. Indeed, concerns continue to mount over the loss of freedoms that many have always taken for granted, and over the suppression of the real news of deaths and horrid side-effects suffered by many of the "vaccine" recipients. On the economic front, the rich keep getting richer, while ordinary workers are facing price inflation of 60% per year and higher. Shortages abound, and rumors of coming famine abound. Many wonder how the economy continues to function at all, given the unbridled printing of money and covid shock on the economy. Uncertainty and chaos hang over the heads of nearly 8 billion people. The last days are seriously upon us.


So, why am I talking about the Breastplate Stones representing the Tribes of Israel at a time like this? That study would seem to some to be irrelevant, in critical times like these. I know that it looks that way, and I know why it looks that way. The simple reason is: I am ahead of the curve of unfolding events due to revelation from Bible prophecy. While others are locked into confusion and speculation over the present state of things, much like a deer caught in the headlights, I'm ahead of the curve, dealing with the things we will need to know in the near future to survive this mess - things most people haven't even thought of yet. In case you don't know, back in 2008 I predicted this downward trajectory of the world we have all been suffering ever since, and I have continued to sound the alarm. Further, my first newsletter of 2020, before covid, predicted that this new decade would unfold with shock after shock, like a roller-coaster ride. What do you think? Have I been right so far?


I'm not bragging about myself. This has not been of my own wisdom, but has been the gift of Elohim for His people. He alone knows the future, and much of it is written down in His Word in a sort of code that only He can unpack and explain. So even if you don't see it right now, please believe me. YHWH has hidden massive truth in the Breastplate of the High Priest ("The Breastplate of Judgment") that He has saved up to help organize and direct His people through these dark days. Now, this amazing truth is being revealed right here at Tsiyon as part of our Fast Track.       

The Breastplate
The Code

Do the Fast Track, all of it in order. If you do, the big picture will open up to you, and you will start getting ahead of the curve of events to be ready for deliverance. The deliverance solution through these upcoming days of darkness is arising from a place very few people could even imagine, let alone recognize. Nonetheless, because Elohim does not change, we can be certain the solution He has ordained and revealed to all of His Biblical prophets from Moses to Malachi to the Apostle John - His plan for the deliverance of His people in these last days - His plan is now unfolding and is sure to burst upon the world stage at exactly the right moment. He has staked His Name and His reputation upon it! What I saw in 2008 and shared at that time in my series of On the Road to Tsiyon radio programs through most of that year, and what I wrote in my 2009 book, Announcing Judgment Day and what I have shared through numerous messages since then, has come to pass for one very simple reason. That reason is: I believe what YHWH shows me and I share it as I see it. So far, the trajectory of what I have seen and shared has turned out to be accurate. All of these repeated confirmations in real events assure me that the rest of the picture will also unfold. This is my testimony and that of those who are with me.


If you are behind on the Fast Track, click the Fast Track graphic on the Tsiyon.Net home page and get caught up. If something doesn't click with you, just table that and keep moving forward. As you continue to move through this it will all click together for you along the way. This is not a message for babies that can be digested in 5 minutes. This is solid food for the earnest believer who cares enough for truth to give it the time and attention needed to chew it up and put it to use for the Kingdom. This is a message for the Overcomers, so overcome!


Join me tonight to decode the Breastplate of Judgment. That's tonight at Tsiyon.Net at 8:00 PM CST at our live online Tsiyon meeting. This is a milestone teaching you won't want to miss.


Blessings and good health to you!




PS - This is a vitally important Fast Track presentation!

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Remember this: he who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly.

He who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully.  2 Corinthians 9:6

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