What makes a person mighty in the Scriptures, and why you should care.


Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 16.30 - 05/28/6021 TAM - 08/07/2021 AD

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Moving in the Divine Will

From Eliyahu


Consider this:


It's pretty normal to choose the easiest way to do things. This is often a good thing to do, since the easy way can save time, not to mention wear and tear. Doing things the easy way can also help increase productivity by getting more done in a given period of time. All of that is fine, so long as the easy way is also the right way.


Sometimes the easy way is not the right way. Sometimes people get bored, or just want to be done, and they cut corners that shouldn't be cut. Even worse, businesses or government officials do this sometimes to make money. We've all read about construction companies that fail to build a bridge or a building with the materials, time and precautions required for safety. They get away with this by paying kick-backs to inspectors or politicians, so they can do things the easy way, the cheap way, the dangerous way, the crooked way. There have been major structural failures of bridged, buildings and other projects all over the world, involving hundreds of deaths, because people we trusted to do things the right way, did them the easy way instead. Possible examples include the Challenger Shuttle Disaster, the Morandi Bridge collapse in Italy, the Grenfell Tower Fire in London, and the recent Champlain Towers condominium collapse in the Miami suburb of Surfside, Florida, USA. In all of these instances a lot of people unnecessarily died gruesome deaths.


Dramatic disasters such as those listed are really not the worst of the fallen tendency to do things the easy way when they should be done the right way. Actually, the personal costs to the masses of humanity of this behavior are beyond calculation, ruining millions of lives, one person or one family at a time. Fallen human nature seems bent on taking the easy way, to benefit or spare one's self at the cost of others. A lot of the suffering of this world comes out of this.


Sadly, this same tendency often effects believers, deterring them from doing the Divine Will, because His Way is the narrow way, the harder way - not the easy way.

His way
The Easy Way

How about you? Do you choose His Way or do you take the Easy Way Out?

His Will challenges you to stretch beyond the limits of what you thought you could do, to grow to ever new levels of faith and knowledge of Him. Being a disciple is all about following Him wherever He leads you, trusting that He will always be there with you, through the valleys and over the mountains - but always with you. The danger is this: you can always find an excuse to take the easy way out. To choose your way rather than His way. You can always find other people who will tell you that it is OK to spare yourself, to do what you want instead of what He wants. Why is that? It is because the easy way is the broad way and  “..many are those who enter in by it." The way of the majority is always believed to be right, but is always wrong. Matthew 7:13


When you take the easy way instead of His Way you cheat the Kingdom, and you cheat yourself. You are meant to make a mark for the Kingdom that will last forever. That's your testimony of works of faith for Him. When you hold back from doing the harder thing that He puts before you, you risk loosing the eternal reward that act of faith could have brought you in the Kingdom. Trust Him. Move with Him, move in Him. This is the way of the overcomer. Is that hard? It can be, but if its what you really want, and you lay everything before Him each day, you can get there, a day at a time. Do this, and you will find your treasure in Him.

I think we can all agree that Paul was a master at this. Tonight we will be continuing our journey with Paul, as he moves with Messiah through a series of challenges that would deter many from the Way. Paul was not deterred, so how did he do that? How can you do that too?  Please join me tonight, as we learn important lessons from Paul that are vital for us as we move through the challenges of these last days.
That's tonight at Tsiyon.Net at 8:00 PM CST at our live online Tsiyon meeting.


Blessings and good health to you!




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