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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 16.36 - 07/08/6021 TAM - 09/15/2021 AD

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Do you know the secrets?

From Eliyahu


Consider this:


Historically speaking, it is not normal for any majority of the human race to believe that humanity is imminently doomed. Don't get me wrong here. Going back to any period after the Tower of Babel forward, people often did worry that their tribe, their village, even their whole nation was doomed. This was not paranoia. History is full of examples of whole peoples that were wiped out by war, famine, pestilence, natural disasters, and the like. Nobody disputes that. But worry that the entire human race was doomed?  Really, for most of history destruction of the entire human race was not even seen as possible, let alone imminent. Only in the modern era has this changed. It was the specter of atomic weapons that first brought the worry of annihilation of the entire human race into the world.


People used to laugh at the stereotypical religious street-prophet carrying a sign that says "the end is near." Lately, the laughing about that has subsided quite a bit. Instead, we have revered icons of science and business telling us pretty much the same thing. For example, before his death, renowned scientist Stephen Hawking was saying that humankind’s days on Earth are already numbered (he estimated within a century) because of climate change, asteroid strikes, epidemics, and overpopulation. The only way to survive? We need to change planets, and fast, he urged.


Super-mogul and SpaceX founder, Elon Musk agrees. I probably don't even need to tell you his thoughts and actions on this, since they are already quite well known. In the words of futurism.com: "Musk intends to land people to Mars by 2025 and set up a colony by 2033 — which is well within Hawking’s timeline." Musk has said he wants to terraform the planet to make it more Earth-like, so you can “eventually walk around outside without anything on.” Can we really look to Mars as a replacement for a doomed earth? Not really, according to scientific studies that essentially say that Musk's plans to terraform Mars don't match up with the science required.


That leaves the fate of the human race firmly tied to planet earth. Nobody is more concerned about that than the younger generation. According to a recent international survey, a  majority of 16 to 25 year-olds in countries around the world believe humanity is doomed due to "climate change" - and the survey didn't even bother to ask about asteroid strikes, pandemics, scientific catastrophe or atomic war. No wonder that young people today are so depressed about the future - but what hope is left if they are right?

Youth think humanity is doomed.
What if they are right?

The good news is: YHWH rules!

It's a shame that modern people are so poorly educated in the Scriptures, because they contain scientifically verified hope for the future. What do I mean by that? The scientific method involves testing statements by observation of real results. For example, consider the prophecies of the book of Daniel. The book of Daniel is unmistakably verified as having been written hundreds and even thousands of years before events predicted within its pages. Here I'm not talking about generalities, but rather, specific events having to do with the rise and fall of governments not then even on the world stage. These specific predictions have come to pass, one by one, throughout the course of history, right down to our day. In other words, the prophecies of Daniel have been scientifically verified as true. Sir Isaac Newton, perhaps the greatest scientist of all time, studied these prophecies of Daniel extensively and verified them for himself. Newton found the prophecies of Daniel to be iron-clad scientific truth - they are actual history written in advance.


Now, since all of the prophecies covering the time period of about 2.5 millennia before our present year of 2021 were accurately fulfilled, is it not logical to believe the remaining prophecies that deal with our immediate future will be fulfilled also? Surely, with an amazing track record like that, everyone should perk up and take notice of these prophecies. If they do, they will find that we have some complex and troubled times directly ahead, which we have already started to experience. However, there is a route to a happy ending for all of those who are wise enough to believe and act in accord with the prophecies of Daniel. 


This is why I am offering an extensive seminar called The Beasts of Daniel Surfacing. I first presented this live in 2015 and already much that I pointed out as due to occur has, in fact, been occurring since then. Now, I am presenting a re-mastered edition of the seminar, bringing it up to current technical standards while leaving the content unchanged. This month Tsiyon is presenting these videos of the seminar at our live meetings, and following up with updates showing how they are presently being fulfilled. Our meeting tonight will not only show how the prophecies of Daniel chapter 2 were fulfilled in the past, and are being fulfilled in the present - but even better, we will see that the God of Heaven is in control, and He has a plan to save the human race, and will bring in a wonderful future!


Please join me tonight at Tsiyon.Net at 8:00 PM CST for our online Tsiyon meeting, and invite your relatives and friends to see this too. All Tsiyon members, including free members, are invited. Sign-up is free at https://tsiyon.net/register/. Be encouraged, because YHWH rules!


Blessings and good health to you!




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