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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 16.51- 10/14/6021 TAM - 12/18/2021 AD

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From Eliyahu

Consider this:  


By now a large aware minority of people have deduced that the whole world is in the grip of a massive mind-control operation. There was not much information to go on in early  2020 about this.  Back then most were understandably ignorant of the fact that the people of the world were struggling to cope with a global mind-control operation on an unprecedented scale. With little or no real information available, it made sense to cooperate with the authorities to curb a largely unknown disease. Besides, we were told the lockdowns would only last a week or two, "to flatten the curve." As time went by, that proved to be just one of many lies that were more about deceiving people into submission than actually dealing with a disease. As months went by a totalitarian narrative emerged from the authorities that arbitrarily singled out businesses and people who were not "essential" - targeting their businesses or jobs for elimination. Even churches were shut down, while violent protests were allowed. The cost of all of this in terms of people's lives is beyond calculation.  In 2021 the craziness has only increased, and will escalate into 2022.


The totalitarian mandates, lockdowns and a host of arbitrary rules in so-called "free" countries reveal a mind-control operation on a global scale, involving nations everywhere. This clearly is not normal and points to a hugely influential source. No single nation working alone can be the source, since nations around the world have joined in lock-step with this mind-control program. There is a covert globalist source with access to all of the levers and keys, a puppet master with enormous reach and control in this world. This can be none other than an entity of the global elite, who have the wealth, resources, and high level connections to succeed with this audacious venture.


Tsiyon was ahead of the curve discerning this global mind-control operation, and warning people about it. Early in 2020 we informed all who would listen about the real nature of the global mind-control op, for example, with our video message on "The Devil's Chess Board."  Tsiyon was ahead of the curve on this for two reasons. The first is, this: This globalist mind-control op fits in perfectly with what we have been revealing from Bible prophecy for decades. The second reason is that YHWH directly showed us this is a man-made crisis, before it began.

Mind-ControlDevils Chessboard

We are still ahead of the curve. We know where this is going. Pushback is growing. As aware people become informed about the facts involving the war on humanity, they will organize to fight back. They think the numbers are on their side and it is all a matter of winning over the masses to join them in the fight. They think they can restore America to what they think it once was, and then go on to save the world from the tyrants. This will not work out the way they imagine. Instead, this approach will bring a massive backlash upon them, and they will be astonished that the masses will join with the oppressors to make that happen. This is not from me. I'm not saying I want that to happen to the good people who are outraged by evil and injustice. I'm just telling you what I see.


The purpose of the mind-control war against humanity is to bring humanity into subjection to the global government of the 2030 Agenda. That global government will rule over the world, according to Scripture prophecy, notably in Daniel and Revelation. Scripture cannot be broken and these things must happen. Therefore, any resistance movement against the globalists cannot succeed. While I am sympathetic with the outrage against evil that prompts the resistance effort to overturn the globalists, I can't join in an already lost cause. Besides, I already have a cause I'm fully committed to - The Kingdom of Yeshua the Messiah.


The Kingdom of Messiah will ultimately win. The Scriptures are very clear on that. In fact, Messiah does not call on us to overturn the global dictatorship, now or later. He is reserving that job for Himself at His soon Return. He does have a mission for His Kingdom people here in this world though. The 144,000 of Revelation 7 are to be His chosen leaders of that mission. For those who want to be ahead of the curve in these troubled times, this is where the focus needs to be.


'Who are the 144,000?' is the theme of tonight's online Tsiyon meeting. This message is truly ahead of the curve, with updated information for our time that you won't want to miss. Join me at our Tsiyon meeting online tonight at Tsiyon.Net at 8 PM, CST.  Feel free to invite your friends and relatives to sign-up free at Tsiyon.Net/register to take in this vital information.


Blessings and good health to you!




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