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Paul's harmonized conversion story

From Eliyahu

Consider this:  


False claims of supernatural encounters can sometimes be embarrassing for those who make them, as well as being damaging to believers and unbelievers alike. This is exacerbated by forces of darkness that hate God, His Son, His Word, and His people, who are always looking for fodder they can use against believers. Take for example this recent article from the New York TimesLife After Proclaiming a Trump Re-election as Divinely Ordained, New York Times, Online Edition, Dec. 31, 2021 (Appeared in the print edition Sept. 19, 2021). Below are a few excerpts:

    This spring, the media mogul Stephen E. Strang made an unusual apology to readers in the pages of his glossy magazine [Charisma].
    Mr. Strang presides over a multimillion-dollar Pentecostal publishing empire, Charisma Media, which includes a daily news site, podcasts, a mobile app and blockbuster books. At 70, he is a C.E.O., publisher and seasoned author in his own right. Despite all that, Mr. Strang worried something had gone awry.
    “I’ve never been a prophet,” he wrote in a pleading March editor’s note. “But there were a number of prophets who were very certain that Trump would be elected.” This had not come to pass.

     Mr. Strang continued, “I hope that you’ll give me the grace — and Charisma Media the grace — of missing this, in a manner of speaking.”         

It's probably a good thing that Mr. Strang asked forgiveness on behalf of his broadcast empire, even though he phrased this as simply "missing this" - perhaps not owning the part of the massive religious deception his organization had been involved in. The New York Times took note of the extent of Charisma's involvement in broadcasting what were deemed prophetic messages:

...the pages and airwaves of Charisma featured a range of religious leaders and lay people telling of a Trump victory. Each claimed that God had revealed — in dreams, visions or ethereal signs — that Mr. Trump would take the presidency. There was, for example: Jeremiah Johnson, a youthful seer from Florida (“a relatively young man but has remarkably accurate prophetic gifts”); Kim Clement, a onetime heroin user from South Africa (“he reveals the heartbeat of God”); and Frank Amedia, a Jew-turned-evangelical preacher with a penchant for spiritual warfare (“known for his bold and accurate prophetic words”).

...“Running stories about politics got clicks. And stories about prophetic words also got clicks,” Taylor Berglund, a former editor at Charisma, said. “So you combine these two and you had the most popular articles on the site.”

...Monthly readership of the Charisma website rose to somewhere between two and three million, Mr. Berglund said. “There was a real incentive to keep posting like that,” he said.

Prophecy for profit has never been a good idea. However, Charisma was not the only religious publisher pushing prophecies to the effect that Trump would remain in office for a second term. "Prophets" everywhere were sounding off with this message that Trump would remain in office to save America. I saw some of these on YouTube and other places and never bought into this. In fact, I told people not to believe the false prophets. I'll explain that in a minute.


As for the false prophets, eventually the inevitable happened:

...And so, on Election Day 2020, Mr. Strang flew to Texas to appear on the livestream of one of his friends, the televangelist Kenneth Copeland. ...As exit polls were trickling in, Mr. Strang donned a red MAGA hat and beamed at the camera. “I believe Trump is going to win,” he told viewers. “The prophets have been saying that.”
...The next morning, Mr. Strang was surprised to find that, though ballots were still being tallied, a Biden victory seemed likely, and he would not accept the outcome for some time. He instructed his readers to ignore the mainstream media and fortify themselves in prayer.
...“I was feeling we were in a fairly serious place,” Mr. Strang said. “The Christian community I serve was actually kind of depressed."

Clearly, many have been trusting in delusions, not because YHWH is wrong, or unable to enforce His Word. Rather, the land is full of false prophets and the people and even leaders of the Church cannot discern the difference between true and false, the real and the fake.

What HappensFalse prophets?

It pains me to say it, but the New York Times is justified in pointing out that the rising tide of Christian "prophets" has largely been wrong in their predictions. The false prophets are themselves responsible for this public drubbing, but so are all of those who have magnified their voices. The implication that false prophesy has harmful effects is justified as well. Suffice it to say that this prophetic failure dishonors Messiah in the eyes of the world, and believers too, and discourages people from recognizing REAL acts and words of the Lord through His true servants.


On a more positive note, this spiritual fiasco fulfills Messiah's true prophetic word for these last days, namely: "Many false prophets will arise, and will lead many astray." Sad to see this verse being fulfilled among professing believers! (Matthew 24:11)


So, how did I know the false prophets were/are wrong about Trump staying in office to save America? A real prophetic message through the mouth of a real prophet, whom I had never known before, who traveled from out of state to convey Messiah's personal word to me on November 7, 2011, explains my spiritual gift. Here is part of that larger message given specifically to me back then: “You have the gift to see. They cannot see .. See for them! Tell them where to go through the darkness that is coming on the earth.” Indeed, I am and have proved to be a seer, and I have not shirked those Divine instructions. I have used that gift to see how the Scripture matches world events, and where that is going - and I have not been quiet about what I see.


In 2008 I had a major revelation on Revelation, seeing that the judgment of the world has begun. I saw the incoming globalist world government, and I saw that the America many patriotic Christians believe in is being overturned by that world government, and is in the process of being replaced by it. I saw and said in advance that Trump would be elected, and I said that would end with the globalists removing him as an obstacle to their plan. Especially since 2008 I have been constantly and consistently seeing and reporting the prophetic Scriptures being fulfilled that tell us the end time global government is now rising and will succeed in its aims, and that America, as the land of freedom as we have imagined it, is over.  I'm not bragging here about being right - I'm just pointing out that the Lord has not failed to warn His people about what is really happening and where it is going.


Why haven't you read any of that in Charisma, or any other Church media? The answer is simple. They know that's not going to get clicks and views, because that's not what their readers and viewers want to hear. I myself am not happy to say that the America so many want to see restored is, in fact, doomed. The world government is coming in like a storm, and it is swallowing up America just as it is swallowing up every country of the world, in fulfillment of Bible prophecy. For the most part, many would rather believe that somehow America will rebound to save the world. To that I must tell you the prophetic Scripture is sure, and it does not support the concept of America as the savior of the world. What I'm seeing is the Great Tribulation by 2030. The sooner you accept that and get ready, the better off you will be.


Yes, there are real Divine encounters going on, with real significance from YHWH. However, the failure of the prophets of the Church System is proof enough that is not the place to look for the real deal. Look outside the system if you really want to see and hear the Holy Spirit at work. It has always been so. Yeshua arose and ministered outside the religious system, and was rejected by it. Paul had a real encounter with the risen Lord, and freely reported it on numerous occasions. However, since that Divine encounter happened outside the religious system most listeners refused to believe.


Many still refuse to believe Paul's report of his encounter with the risen Lord, pointing to differences in the multiple accounts as if they are contradictions that undermine Paul's story. That's not true, as I will demonstrate in my presentation tonight, but people so often believe what they want to believe rather than valuing the truth. This is why the false prophets will always by more popular than the real ones.   

Join me at our Tsiyon meeting online tonight at Tsiyon.Net at 8 PM, CST to see how all of the accounts of Paul's encounter with the risen Lord do indeed differ, while all the while remaining harmonious. This itself is a proof of the authenticity of Paul's claims. Hear this, and have an answer to the skeptics.


Blessings and good health to you!




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