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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 17.03 - 11/014/6021 TAM - 01/17/2022 AD

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Now is come the Kingdom

From Eliyahu


Consider this:


The devil thinks he's winning. You already know the story of his rebellion, that upset the perfection of all creation. He invented deception, and that has been his primary method of operation ever since. The key to his success with that is his ability to identify key emotions and desires in his target to manipulate those to fool the target into doing the devil's will. Very often the target, after succumbing to the deception, will actually believe they are doing the right thing!


As I said already, the devil thinks he is winning. Here are four pillars of his strategy that he believes will insure his ultimate victory:


1. Sin - He brought sin into the world by deception, by which he established a rival kingdom to that of the Creator. Because every person is born in a sinful state, all are inclined toward sin. All he needs to do in most cases is to find a person's hot button, and then push it.


2. Popularity - Through this method over the ages, the devil has deceived vastly more people over on to his side than not. This has turned the world into the devil's domain of darkness, in which the vast majority are under a cloud of deception every day, making them instruments of deception themselves. Each of these then sells the deceptions to others, often in sincerity, thinking the deception is truth. It is the devil's network marketing scheme, and it has been, and is, amazingly powerful and successful. If one judges as the devil does, that having the greatest numbers equals winning, then the devil appears to be winning here on this earth!


3. The Elite - While the devil is a finite being, he has historically tried to compensate for that through the power of organization. Very early on in his rebellion he created a hierarchy of elites to rule his dark kingdom under him. These are the most selfish and depraved, and criminally diabolical people in the world. He rewards his elite henchmen with unimaginable riches and power. Like him, they are insatiable, and they will kill millions just to fulfill their desires and selfish plans. Think of the empires that have ruled the world, and think Stalin, Hitler, Mao - and even worse, those elites who stay hidden behind the curtain while manipulating humanity.


4. Modern Technology - The devil is a finite being, but he has continued to develop the power of his elite to deal with this lack using technology as a force multiplier. Today, through technology, he has now made himself more powerful than ever before. Modern technology has made it possible for the devil's elite to surveil the masses of the world's population to a degree that despots like Hitler could never have dreamed of. Through the power of computers and the internet they can/have/are gathering those details about every person, and are using technology to mold the world into their image, which is the image of the devil. They have unlocked the secrets of creation, such as atomic power, space travel, DNA, AI, and much more. All of this technology is being developed and deployed at a breakneck pace. The power and growth of modern technology fuels the evil aspirations of the elite. They are working their plan to bind the entire population of the world under a net of technology that is intended to make it impossible for any person to escape the tentacles of the devil's kingdom. Finally, the rise of modern technology, the devil thinks, will give him just the advantage he has needed to insure a death-grip hold over every person on earth.

devil's strategydevil's strategy

The devil is wrong. Despite all of the advantages and power of his evil strategy he is and will be utterly defeated by the Kingdom of Messiah. Why?


1. Sin - Messiah has dealt with sin through His own sinless life as a man, His sacrifice of Himself for all who will believe and follow Him, the truth of the Word that He has given to His own, and the Holy Spirit He has poured out upon us to help us to do His will.


2. Popularity - Messiah revealed the truth that popularity with the world is not victory. It is, in fact, the broad road that leads to destruction. The devil can never give anyone eternal life, so following the devil and the many who follow him can never get you there! It is a narrow road, the unpopular road, that leads to eternal life, and only a few will find it - so says the Messiah. He alone has the power to raise the dead, and He will judge the living and the dead - so His Kingdom is the place to be!  


3. The Elite - Granted, the evil organization of the world looks scary, and on occasion, persecutes and even kills the righteous - but it has no control over their eternal hope. Messiah established his one Body, the Assembly of Israel, in the first century as His Kingdom in the earth. That Kingdom was organized under the legitimate rule of the House of David and the order of Israel as His nation in the earth. Further, the gifts and ministries of the Holy Spirit gave Messiah immediate contact and control with every member of His Body, by which He could counter the domain of darkness and give his own a place to survive and thrive! Sadly, Gentile believers eventually abandoned the Kingdom Messiah had established to create their own human movement today called "the Church." While this deception is still popular, Messiah is even now raising up His remnant of Israel to restore His original Kingdom nation under Messiah, including all its necessary features.


4. Modern Technology - Messiah's followers have always used legitimate technology of the day to do the work of the Kingdom, and still do so. Clearly, modern technology and its advantages for the devil's evil kingdom are far more advanced than ever faced before. The remnant must not be intimidated by this. Technology will never be able to defeat the power of the Holy Spirit, the restored Assembly of Israel, the leadership of our all-knowing and all-powerful Messiah, nor the power of our Father's love. We have arrived at the end of the Age, and the dark kingdom is quickly coming to its full and awful maturity, thanks to the added empowerment of modern technology. This is why this is the time for the Kingdom of Messiah to be restored in the face of that darkness, to also come to it's full maturity and unity foreseen by Messiah and the apostles for the end of the Age. Watch and see! Messiah and His band of overcomers will bring down the devil's kingdom and he will be soundly defeated forevermore!


Now is come the Kingdom!  is the theme of our latest Fast Track video presentation. Join us at our Tsiyon meeting tonight at Tsiyon.Net at 8 PM, CST for an encouraging look at the near future for Messiah's true followers.


Blessings and good health to you!




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