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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 17.09 - 12/28/6021 TAM - 03/01/2022 AD

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As far as Rome

From Eliyahu


Consider this:


"VLADIMIR Putin's "propaganda chief" has threatened the West with nuclear annihilation during a rambling broadcast on Russian TV". That was a rather alarming headline I saw this morning, which is likely scaring a lot of people right now. The threat of atomic war with Russia has now pushed the covid threat to the back burner, where it joins "climate change" and a host of other modern hazards vying in the wings of the news cycle, to reemerge as tomorrow's big scare. Of course, some people just ignore the news for the sake of their nerves, but that has been pretty hard to maintain ever since we entered this decade. The whole world has become a planned dystopian spectacle that involves everyone, everywhere. And its not just on the TV or internet. The global chaos has come into everyone's life, often with death, destruction, food shortages, "natural" disasters, and lots more trouble to deal with each day. The stress is getting to people, and there is no end in sight.


So what's it all for? You are supposed to think all of this chaos is because the ways of the past just aren't good enough for this 21st century world, so the world needs a "Great Reset." This is the position offered by the super-wealthy elitists at the World Economic Forum and other elitist haunts. They think all of the stupid little people of the world (that's you and I) need the super rich billionaires and trillionaires (yes, trillionaires exist) to save them by bringing in a Global Government (2030 Agenda) to end all the chaos. Of course, to get on board with that will require you to give up all privacy, freedom of speech, really freedom - period.


I know, right now that's too much to give up, but the globalists think if they just keep turning up the heat with one global nightmare after another the world will eventually be screaming for them to stop the chaos by bringing in their Global Government - and they aren't wrong about that. Don't worry though, you won't need free will anymore, because the globalists already know best what you need, so you can just collect your basic income and hang out in the metaverse for the rest of your life, and let the big guys control everything. Oh, joy! Heaven on earth - not.   


The picture at the top of this page lists some of the predictions of Yeshua for these times, leading up to the Great Tribulation. Amazingly, He presented this composite "sign" for the world to observe to know the times. This is profound, because such a thing as the whole world observing the same event at the same time just wasn't possible 2,000 years ago, but is only possible in our modern era. Yes, these signs are in evidence now and dominate our headlines every day. This has been true throughout this generation, but especially points to the period of global crisis from 2008 forward.


This prophecy of the End-Times by Messiah parallels the book of Revelation, with a number of the signs matching up with the Four Horsemen of Revelation 6. I experienced a supernatural revelation of all this in the spring of 2008. I announced all of this, as had been revealed to me, with hours of radio messages throughout 2008. My purpose was to warn all who would listen, so the wise could prepare. I followed that up with my book: Announcing Judgment Day, and many other messages and videos since then. The message and meaning of the Horsemen that I warned of then was proven accurate when the Black Horse Rider (which I named in advance as "Global Economic Crises") emerged in the fall of 2008.

Four Horsemen of RevelationJudgment Day Book

All of the aspects of the Four Horsemen that I announced have been seen in the world with increasing intensity since then. The driving force behind all of these events is the final war between the Kingdom of Messiah and the Domain of Darkness. The devil's Domain is now seeking to congeal itself into an organized instrument of global oppression directly ruled by the devil and his elite henchmen. This is now coming in with a vengeance, managed by the globalist elite, and you have been witnessing this unfolding on the world stage. The plan is for this transition of the world to the one-world government by 2030, which explains the time-pressure driving the waves of chaos. These waves, growing in both frequency and intensity will continue until the end of the decade, then giving birth to the Global Government "Beast" by the elite. Yeshua described these waves (signs) as "birth pains" - which they are. (Rev 13, Matt 24:8)


Meanwhile, the Kingdom of Messiah is also growing in the earth. The prophetic plan has been strategically kept hidden from the devil's grasp, until Messiah makes His move. Make no mistake, there will be a place of safety for the wise, who will hear and obey. All of the End-Time prophecies are being, and will be, fulfilled. Remember, Scripture cannot be broken. Draw close to Messiah, and walk closely with Him, and He will lead you in the light, to be a part of His Kingdom, to finally and soundly overcome the devil, to bring an end to wickedness in the earth, at His glorious Return. That Messianic Reign gets closer everyday, so be encouraged! At Tsiyon.Net we have so much to help you overcome throughout these days, so use our resources to build yourself up in your most holy faith, and be prepared to shine!


Start now, if you haven't started in earnest yet. Join me tonight online. Our Tsiyon meeting tonight at Tsiyon.Net starts at 8 PM, CST. We will be doing a wrap-up of the book of Acts tonight, in Tsiyon Academy. It's exciting to look at how this same Messianic Kingdom, organized and led by James and the Apostles in the 1st Century, is now being raised up by Messiah to come to its completion in this generation, very soon! What they founded in the 1st Century is a sort of blueprint for our time as well! Come and see!




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