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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 17.11 - 13/07/6021 TAM - 03/10/2022 AD

Note: This Hebrew Year has 13 months - At sundown this is the 7th day of the 13th month.

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The Assembly

From Eliyahu


Consider this:


In October 1962 it was discovered that the Soviets (Russians) were shipping nuclear missiles to Cuba, just 90 miles off the coast of the USA. When this was discovered by Washington, the "Cuban Missile Crisis" ensued, with a real possibility of a nuclear war that could have killed billions.


This is not ancient history to me. I was in middle school at the time, and I still remember the experience very well. In a TV address on October 22, 1962, I watched President John F. Kennedy soberly notify America about the presence and threat of the nuclear missiles so close to our shores. He told us he had decided to enforce a naval blockade around Cuba and said the U.S. would use military force if necessary to neutralize the threat. Following this news, the entire country held its collective breath, on the brink of nuclear war.


Realize that a blockade is an act of war that is regulated by international law—namely, by the 1856 Paris Declaration Respecting Maritime Law and by Articles 1–22 of the 1909 London Declaration Concerning the Laws of Naval War. Kennedy was in fact committing the country to an act of war against another sovereign state, which some considered a war crime. However, Kennedy saw the threat of nuclear weapons so close to America as an existential threat to the country, justifying his determined course of action. Fortunately, after about two weeks on the brink, fruitful negotiations between the USA and the USSR brought an end to the crisis.


So far as I know, that was the closest the world has come to nuclear war - that is, until now. After 60 years the world is again on the brink, and one underlying issue is eerily similar to the Cuban Missile Crisis - only this time, it is Russia that is motivated by WMD encroachment too close to its national borders. Ever since the negotiations with the West that led to the breakup of the Soviet Union the current crisis has been inevitable. NATO leaders said they would not include former Soviet states as NATO states. However, they have not honored that agreement, gobbling up former Soviet states, making them NATO members, Expanding the NATO block.


For years it has been known that Russia would not tolerate Ukraine becoming a NATO state, thereby bringing NATO Nukes right up to the Russian border! See the similarity with the Cuban Missile Crisis? This red-line situation stood as a trigger that could be strategically pulled at any moment it was deemed the right time to launch a crisis with Putin.  This is not to absolve Putin of the death and destruction Russia is now bringing on Ukraine. Clearly, he is responsible for that.


However, none of this comes as a surprise to the people who pulled the trigger, releasing Putin and this potential nuclear crisis upon the world. I'm talking about the globalists who set up this situation in a way that allowed them to trigger it at any time of their choosing. Realize that influential leaders of NATO countries, AND Putin of Russia are "Young Global Leaders" of Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum. The globalists pulled the trigger on this now because their plandemic crisis had largely accomplished its purpose and was now starting to substantially backlash against them. They needed to change the narrative. Hence, covid is instantly over and Russia is dominating the news cycle now. Its all set up to bring a whole new series of woes upon the world, in the drive to bring in the world government by 2030.


I have been warning the world about this final elite drive toward world government ever since 2008. Over and over what I said would happen has happened. How did I know? Revelation of Bible prophecy. Something of the character of the globalists can be seen in the deceptive and evil means they have been using to exhaust and subjugate the world. They will soon get their world government, right out in the open, and then the full force of their evil intentions will become fully realized upon mankind. They are the heart of the devil's dark domain in this world, and their purpose is to literally dominate everything and everyone on earth.


There needs to be an alternative to the dark domain, for the righteous to run into as this darkness descents upon the world. That alternative is the Kingdom of Messiah ruling in the midst of His Remnant Nation, His Assembly. He has promised to raise up His Remnant Nation in the midst of this global darkness, but there are some obstacles in the lives of His people that block us from that tipping-point that will launch the full restoration of the Assembly. That's why we are sharing our Restoring the Assembly video series as the next step in our Tsiyon Fast Track.


We will start with a look at this most basic issue:


Personal Freedom vs Kingdom Duty

Your WillYour Will

The world is in the mess its in because a lot of people do what they want instead of what He wants. The conflicting wants and desires of so many different individuals necessarily leads to confusion, division and strife. Yet, Yeshua taught us to pray for our Heavenly Father's Will to be done - not man's will - not even our own will. Yeshua walked the talk on this, setting the example of always doing His Father's will, even when it hurt. He taught us to do the same, but do we?


I'm sure if we think about it we will see that we have room to grow in this area. The common culture teaches us to please ourselves, and we often do without thinking about it. But what of duty toward His Kingdom? Do we even see it when there is a conflict between what we want and what He wants for us? Do we know what our duties are toward the Kingdom, and do we make those duties our priorities?


Getting a grip on these issues is absolutely vital for the restoration of the Assembly. Why? Because the purpose of the Assembly is to accomplish His Will in the earth, not man's will. Only when His people grow up to spiritual maturity, putting His will first as Yeshua does, will we come into the unity of the Body of Messiah foretold in Scripture. We NEED to focus on this!  


Join me tonight online as we focus on this 1st Fast Track video in this Restoring the Assembly series.  To be the Remnant we must do His Will. This will help us to do that. Our Tsiyon meeting tonight at Tsiyon.Net starts at 8 PM, CST. Invite your relatives and friends to sign-up at Tsiyon.Net absolutely free to consider this with you.  In these times Restoring the Assembly is a critically vital need!


Blessings and good health to you,




PS - Come back to see this Fast Track video next week at Tsiyon.Net!

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