What makes a person mighty in the Scriptures, and why you should care.


Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 17.18 - 01/21/6022 TAM - 04/23/2022 AD

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From Eliyahu


Consider this:


Disaster is falling upon the nations of the world. This decade began in disaster, as the bio-weapon pandemic and its maniacal aftermath gripped the world. Millions have died. Millions more are still reeling from adverse health effects, economic effects and relationship effects - and massive loss of personal freedoms in countries around the world. Since the experimental mRNA inoculation campaign began in 2021, bizarre health effects have been experienced by many, with more deaths following on the shot than for any vaccine in history. Verified news stories abound of strong young athletes (and even children) suddenly falling over - dead. Recent insurance company reports tell of death rates from all causes among working-age people that have unexplainably jumped as much as 40% and more. As early as April of 2020 Tsiyon was warning the public where the bio-weapon was taking us, in our video The Devil's Chessboard. We weren't wrong.


Even now, while official sources continue to protect the corporate and political actors who have pushed the pandemic agenda on the world population, multiple well-qualified and credentialed whistle-blowers keep exposing more of the dark story of corruption, greed, and death of the dystopian nightmare that is called Covid-19. At this point, if anyone has not uncovered the deadly facts, they need only to do a little digging and the whole wretched story will emerge for them in undeniable living color.


While many yearn for a return to normalcy, the world's elite are telling us that is not about to happen. They should know. They are the masterminds of the "Great Reset" which is nothing less than a complex scheme to obtain "unprecedented control over mankind" under the thumb of a one-world government capable of a level of oppression like the world has never before seen.


This is no joke, as more and more thinking people are now starting to see. Covid-19 has given the people of the world a vision into, and an experience of, the breath-taking scope of the reach, power, and diabolical mania of the global elite. At this point they have the resources, the plan, and an unstoppable momentum, that will deliver the 2030 Agenda on a platter - which is nothing else but the one-world government foretold in Scripture. Millions more people from nations around the world will certainly lose their lives in the orchestrated turmoil that will bring the population of the world into submission. While no sane person wants to believe that right now, Bible-believers should see that the prophetic picture that leads to the one-world government of antichrist is unfolding before our eyes at warp-speed. The Word never fails - this WILL happen, and you need to act before it does. 

Global ControlDepopulation

What will the righteous do? Many righteous people are trying to figure that out right now. Some think they can reform political structures of their home country to head off the globalists. That won't work. Some may even resort to civil war. That will fail. Some will try to hide out in the wilderness. Satellites and other tech will find them. Some think the pre-tribulation rapture will whisk them away just in time. Sadly, that timing is based on a false premise, so that too is not the answer. What will the righteous do?


The answer is in the Torah of Moses. Have you read it? Do you know what I'm talking about? The answer lies with the return of the righteous remnant of the Twelve Tribes of Israel in the Last Days! Prophets like Ezekiel, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Malachi, and others, all pointed forward to these days, prophesying the return of the remnant nation. This return must happen, so that YHWH the God of Israel may show Himself mighty in the midst of His people, the faithful Israel of the final days. He has promised to make a place of safety for His people, and He has not forgotten that promise!


The globalists feel quite self-assured because they think they are many moves ahead of the rest of the world, and that may be true. However, YHWH is thousands of years ahead of them! He laid out this entire end-time scenario in the Torah and the Prophets, many centuries before the elite of this world were ever born! Right now He is working His plan. The good news is, He is making a place of safety for the righteous to ride out the Great Tribulation in overcoming victory!


You can be a part of that, as part of His remnant nation. I know this sounds strange to many. It shouldn't, because this gathering of the Remnant Nation from every corner of the world is foretold by all of the prophets. Yet, it has been kept hidden from most until now. The return of Remnant Israel is the one thing the elite has not planned for. YHWH has planned for it - and His plan is glorious! 


Join me for our live Tsiyon meeting online tonight at  Tsiyon.Net at 8 PM, CST. Its time to answer important questions about the return of the Remnant and to show how practical application of this truth is now under way.


Blessings and good health to you,




PS - [Here is a message from Abby, Director of Tsiyon Road Radio]

"Shalom Remnant Family, Our radio program Hebraic Insights In The Gospels has officially been released as a podcast!
We had some requests from our listeners for a way to listen and share these programs. So we wanted to make this program publicly available. That way people could easily share it with their friends and family! We’re going to be regularly releasing new podcast episodes each Sabbath. The first program is on Matthew 1 and goes into Messiah’s Davidic lineage.
Listeners can always find the newest episodes at our website."


PSS - Meeting April 30th at Tsiyon.Net! Get ready to enter the Land!

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"The Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence, and the forceful snatch it away by force." Matthew 11:12

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