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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 17.34 - 05/14/6022 TAM - 08/12/2022 AD

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Righteous government is possible

From Eliyahu

Consider this:


Yah's timing is amazing. For example, as we do our Midrash study each week, we often find that events are going on that correspond to the theme of that study. The theme I've been working on this week, for our passage in Deuteronomy, is "Righteous Government." While working on that theme major developments occurred which have dominated this very news cycle, in which many people are outraged and decrying the corruption of government power in Washington, with calls from people high and low for the corruption to be removed and righteous government to be installed. Corrupt government is not just a problem in the USA. Globalist forces are actively undermining governments of nations around the world. Their object is to break down the old order so that their dystopian globalist vision can be built upon the ashes of the old world system.  


If you are familiar with Tsiyon you probably know what we have to say about these world events: We are living in the Last Days foretold in Bible prophecy, in which a global government is foretold in Scripture to take over the world. In 2008 we received and publicized a revelation indicating that the final globalist push had begun. In 2015 that push was solidified in Agenda 2030, a road map to a one world government by 2030. That globalist agenda was ratified in the United Nations by virtually all countries on Earth. Our 2015 seminar entitled "The Beasts of Daniel Surfacing" explained from the prophetic book of Daniel what was about to unfold upon the world, including the global upheaval we have been experiencing since then.


The world coup of the globalists in its present manifestation is called The Great Reset, and is in the process of upending the entire world order as we have known it. This is nothing less than the globalist elite, and those under their political and economic control, making war on the general population on a global scale. Of course, there is pushback from the people, many of whom are waking up to the source of the tyranny. At this point the globalists have already installed their minions in political power in many nations, including the USA, and are much farther advanced in their goals than most people are willing to believe.


The USA and its historic connection to freedom must be completely overthrown for the globalists to succeed. The globalist campaign against the American people has been intensifying ever since 2008, and is at an unprecedented crisis point right now. Tsiyon has been exposing the war against America as fulfillment of Bible prophecy for years. A Biblical message predicting the imminent doom of America was most recently published at the end of 2021. That message is now more urgent then ever, given the latest unprecedented power-grab of globalist forces in Washington. Make no mistake, when the globalists win their war in America, which they will, the rest of the nations of the world will soon after cave in to the globalists. How can I be so sure? Because the Scriptures prophecy the short-term victory of the globalists over the nations - and the Scriptures cannot be broken.  This must happen.

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There is an alternative to the corrupt government of the globalists. I know just saying this will make people mad at me, but I have to tell you, the alternative to corrupt government will not be a restored constitutional republic in America. A lot of believers think that will happen, but the sad fact is: America is over. Bible prophecy makes it very clear that the globalists WILL take over the world.


Don't look to the Church for righteous government. Over the centuries it has been more than proven that the Church cannot long maintain anything like righteous government. If such was going to come from the Church, it would be happening in America, and America would have a righteous government right now. Sadly, the Church failed to stand in the gap when it could have made a difference - but it was too little, and is too late for that to happen now.


Righteous government must be restored as Messiah raises up His nation, the restored nation of Remnant Israel. The blueprint for righteous government is very clearly found in Scripture, and can only be fulfilled among YHWH's covenant people, the believing remnant of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. In fact, it is absolutely urgent that righteous leaders step up to the task of rebuilding the Remnant Nation, with the righteous government of Messiah's Kingdom, ruling in the midst of this world. Yes, its true that Messiah will return and set up His Kingdom on Earth. However, it is written that He will already rule over His remnant people while His enemies are still in power on Earth. For example, we have these verses:

 [YHWH speaking prophetically to Messiah] YHWH will send forth the rod of your strength out of Tsiyon. Rule in the midst of your enemies. Your people offer themselves willingly in the day of your power, in holy array. Psalms 110:2-3

"Holy Array" is the set-apart order of Israel. In other words, Israel operating under righteous Kingdom government! And this "in the midst of His enemies"! That's going to be a miracle before the eyes of the entire world.


Imagine, the world suffering unparalleled oppression under the boot of the most wicked and oppressive government of all time. Now, contrast that with YHWH's remnant nation basking in the blessings of righteous government as commanded in the Torah, under the reign of King Messiah from Heaven! This comes into the earth as a collaboration between Messiah, ruling from on high, and His remnant people submitting themselves willingly to leaders delegated by Messiah, living under righteous government "in holy array!"  Are you willing to offer yourself to bring about this amazing end time manifestation of YHWH's nation to the praise of His Great Name? Now is the time.


Today, right now, many are sighing and crying over the lawlessness and unrighteousness that is rampant in countries around the world. There is an alternative: His righteous government as laid out for us in His Torah. Tonight at our online Tsiyon meeting we are going to look at some of the nuts and bolts of how this works. We can do this, if only we want to be a part of Messiah "ruling in the midst of His enemies."  That's tonight, at Tsiyon.Net at 8 PM, CST. There can be no Remnant Exodus without this happening, and soon.


Blessings and good health to you,




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