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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 17.36 - 05/28/6022 TAM - 08/26/2022 AD

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spirit of antichrist today

From Eliyahu

Consider this:


The spirit of antichrist is now at the highest point it has ever been since Nimrod and the Tower of Babel, and it continues to grow at an exponential rate. It is a purposeful spirit from the devil himself. Its ultimate purpose is to raise up that infamous world tyrant foretold in Scripture who is often referred to as "antichrist." No doubt, the reason that spirit of antichrist is growing exponentially today is because the son of destruction, who is destined by satan to become the antichrist, though still veiled, is already in the world and is being groomed by the devil to rule. My purpose here is not to speculate on the identity of the coming antichrist. Awake believers will all know who he is soon enough.


My purpose right now is to direct attention to the growing spirit of antichrist that is stirring up chaos, crisis, and confusion throughout all the countries of the world. Most people don't even know there is a spirit behind all of the chaos. When they see presidents and other world leaders making decisions that are obviously destructive to the interests of their people, fermenting chaos, their inclination is to think those leaders are simply out of touch with the little guy, or perhaps even stupid or senile. When they see the traditional structures and beliefs the world is built upon deliberately being undermined and destroyed, causing useless division and leaving nothing to hold society together, they are moved with anger and frustration at how this could be. It all appears to be nothing but a big confusing mess. 


However, when you look deeper you begin to see that it is, oddly, a chaos that is something more than just chaos. There is a pattern to it. It seems to put people everywhere into an altered state of being in which everything is somehow different than before. It is not just covid, it is all of the chaos together that is moving the world into uncharted territory. Further, the chaos is not just in one country, but is a growing dark fog everywhere, that leaves the entire world uncertain of the future, not knowing which way to turn. There is a feeling that is hard to put your finger on - a feeling that something is fundamentally wrong in the world - a feeling of continuous dread that seems to permeate the global consciousness. World panic is not far off.


If you are spiritually aware, suddenly it dawns on you. You see it in your mind. You feel it is your heart, and in your spirit. The chaos is not chaos at all. The chaos is a manufactured tool meant to manipulate the trajectory of mankind. Suddenly, in a flash of reality, you have discovered the spirit of antichrist at work in the world.     

open your eyeare you seeing it yet?

The worst mistake a believer can make right now is to underestimate the deceptive power of that antichrist spirit. Many believers are already deceived by it, thinking that through some spiritual hocus pocus they will thwart that spirit and deny it from reaching its goal of putting the antichrist on the world throne. In this they are out of touch with the will of God. The Scriptures make it very clear that the spirit of antichrist will be allowed to accomplish its goal, being released to it by the Divine Will of the Father. See these verses, in which the antichrist is called "the lawless one":

"..the lawless one will be revealed ..The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness." 2 Thess 2:8-12 NKJV

This is so very plain, telling us that God has a purpose in allowing the antichrist to come to power. In making that allowance, it is stated as God Himself sending "strong delusion" into the world to separate out the wicked who "believe the lie" and are subsequently "condemned" along with the antichrist. Pray as you will against it, you will never change these words of Scripture from coming true.


What you can do is wise up to the devil's schemes, now being foisted upon the whole world. This will open up your eyes to see what is really going on, what those schemes are, and what you can do, and should do, as a child of God, in the face of the unprecedented deceptions of the antichrist spirit. Time is of the essence right now. Don't let the growing chaos of the antichrist spirit eat up your time in nonsense that will not help you through the most critical period ever faced by any generation of mankind on earth. Use every moment you can to make yourself ready!


I see this and I am duty-bound to do all I can to help you through. However, I can't help you through if you choose not to help yourself. Tonight,  please join me at Tsiyon.Net at 8 PM, CST, for this special presentation on "the spirit of antichrist today". Get above the chaos, and move in peace in the realm of the word and the spirit.


Blessings and good health to you,




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