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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 17.37 - 05/28/6022 TAM - 08/27/2022 AD

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Tsiyon Road Radio News Flash

Tsiyon Radio Newsflash

From Abigail, Program Director, Tsiyon Road Radio


Shalom Remnant Family,

On the 16th of the 6th Biblical Hebrew Month of 6011 (September 3rd of 2011) we started streaming from our internet radio station Tsiyon Road Messianic Radio for the first time. (Before that we had been airing on other stations, but having our own station was a big step forward.) To celebrate 10 years on the air since then, I’m making some changes to the radio station! We’re re-visiting some old classics like all of the EBD Midrashes from Genesis to Numbers airing every workday, as well as bringing some new content for listeners to enjoy!

For example, the long awaited EBDM programs on the book of Deuteronomy will begin airing on the station every Sabbath starting in the 6th Biblical Hebrew month. Partners at our membership site Tsiyon.net may recognize these programs taken from our weekly Shabbat meetings. (If you would like to one day participate in the Eliyahu ben David bet Midrash, please consider signing up!) Regardless of whether you’re a Tsiyon Tabernacle member or not, you’ll doubtless enjoy this thorough study of Deuteronomy especially when complimented by the weekday Midrashes. I estimate that if you tune in everyday, it’s possible for you to learn the whole Torah verse by verse in as little as half a year! If you would like to share the Torah with your family, friends, or others this is a great way to do it!

Another new program coming to our station, is the Remnant Reading Room featuring the book “Come Out of Her My People” read by SheliYah Bat David airing workdays (shortly after the daily midrash). SheliYah says this book was a major step in her journey away from the apostasy of the Christian Church system into the “narrow way” (Matthew 7:13-14) that God intended His people to walk. If you, or people you know are still stuck in the Christian Church System, and wonder why we Messianic believers don’t consider ourselves part of the Christian system, these programs will show you the truth and set you free! That makes this another really good series to share with others!

SheliYah recommends Kingdom Outposts share this program with whoever they know may benefit from a thorough explanation of the pagan idolatry in the Christian Church. Listeners who have already been set free from the Christian System, will enjoy an exploration of the Scriptures that accompany this book’s message, and strengthen their understanding of the truth. We’re planning to have downloads of the Scriptures referenced made available in the program details on the station schedule. Listeners would be able to visit our schedule on Tsiyon.org, click on the Remnant Reading Room program, and download a PDF version of the Scriptures accompanying that program. Then they could follow along with SheliYah in the accompanying Scriptures throughout the program! Once again, these programs will begin airing on the first day of the 6th Biblical Hebrew Month.

I feel like I should note, (in case it ever becomes relevant) that Tsiyon doesn’t necessarily share all the views of any of the authors whose work is shared in the Remnant Reading Room. We do however feel that this book and any others we may share in the future offer a significantly larger step toward the truth than any smaller differences in belief that may be found.

Aside from the above mentioned programs, we’ll also continue to air programs from On the Road to Tsiyon with Eliyahu and Dawn every workday, along with the usual weekly new programs in Luke from our radio series Hebraic Insights in the Gospels every Shabbat. (The Podcast episodes of our earlier programs in Matthew can also be found on our website) There’s a lot of great, Scriptural, uplifting, faith building content you won’t want to miss coming right up after this long Shabbat!

Due to the fact that our station schedule on the website requires a roman date to program, I’ll have to wait until the first sliver of the Biblical New Moon is sighted to post the schedule. However, as soon as I know when the first day of the 6th Month is, I’ll be posting it to Tsiyon.org so listeners can pick a show and tune in! So keep an eye on the Station Schedule found on the homepage of Tsiyon.org to join us for our celebration of Tsiyon Road Messianic Radio’s 10th anniversary!

Until then, Shabbat Shalom and thanks for being a part of Tsiyon Road Radio!


Abigail, Program Director, Tsiyon Road Radio, Tsiyon.Org


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