What makes a person mighty in the Scriptures, and why you should care.


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how did that happen?

From Eliyahu

Consider this:


Have you ever lost something precious to you, and after every possible search you just could not find it? When that happens you are left to the good will of your neighbors to discover it at random, and then return it to you. In that situation, you know you probably will never see the lost item again. What a delight it is when your lost item is unexpectedly returned to you! Here are a few true stories:

Montreal residents Shoshana and Dez thought their priceless photos of New York City were gone forever after they lost their digital camera’s memory card during a 2008 trip. They posted an ad on Craigslist, but nothing turned up.
Found: The couple was shocked when the memory card arrived in the mail—three years later. Kelly Sullivan, a Museum of Modern Art attendant who was working the day Shoshana and Dez visited, had noticed the tiny memory card on the museum floor. She posted the photos to ifoundyourcamera.net, where Nicole Backs, a student in British Columbia stumbled on them while idly looking through photos. Backs had recognized Shoshana as a friend of her mom’s, and the card made its way back home. “What were the odds?” said Backs. - Readers Digest


What Amy Harris saw in the shallow water along the bank of Redfish Lake in Idaho wasn’t a bolt, as she suspected—it was a gold wedding band. She posted her find on Craigslist, but when no one had claimed the ring four months later, she all but gave up finding the owner.
Found: As a last-ditch effort, Harris’s husband Jody called his old friend, Richard Black, a jeweler in the next town, for advice on what to do with the ring. Black asked, “Did you find it in Redfish Lake?” The surprised couple found out that Alair and Dana Schroeder had recently stopped by Black’s shop—to buy a replacement for the ring Alair lost that summer at the lake. The same ring! Harris dropped off the band at Black’s shop, and, by Thanksgiving, Alair had her ring back. - Readers Digest

Here are a couple more examples from boredpanda.com:

Lost but foundoh joy!

I don't know any of these folks who went to great pains to return the lost items mentioned in these stories. I wonder if any of them know that they were obeying a Torah commandment by returning the items?  Deuteronomy 22:2 tells us what to do in the case of finding someone's lost item:

"If your brother isn’t near to you, or if you don’t know him, then you shall bring it home to your house, and it shall be with you until your brother comes looking for it, and you shall restore it to him. 3 So you shall do with his donkey. So you shall do with his garment. So you shall do with every lost thing of your brother’s, which he has lost, and you have found."

Because most people today know nothing of the Torah I assume most of these folks don't either. Yet, they obeyed the Torah commandment without even knowing it! Paul the apostle wrote this about such people:

"For it isn’t the hearers of the Torah who are righteous before Elohim, but the doers of the Torah will be justified (For when Gentiles who don’t have the Torah do by nature the things of the Torah, these, not having the Torah, are a Torah to themselves, in that they show the work of the Torah written in their hearts..) in the day when Elohim will judge the secrets of men, according to the Good News, by Yeshua the Messiah." Romans 2:13-16

I find stories like these encouraging, reminding me that there are unknown people in the world who have "the Torah written in their hearts" and who act accordingly as good people and as good neighbors. There is a blessing of the Torah that will come to them for the good they do, even though they don't know the Torah at all. How much better though, to know the Torah and to intentionally keep His commandments in all we do! This elevates our actions to more than good deeds, but to actually doing the work of building His Kingdom in His nation, as fellow-workers with Him.


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Blessings and good health to you,




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Come Out Of Her My People
Come Out Of Her My People

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