What makes a person mighty in the Scriptures, and why you should care.


Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 17.43 - 06/28/6022 TAM - 09/24/2022 AD

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Go Back to Go Forward

From Eliyahu

Consider this:


Everything feels so wonderful when you first are called by Yeshua. When you first start out following Him it feels a lot like a honeymoon. Elation runs high as you bask in your new life in Him. You are filled with His Spirit as you experience His supernatural touch in your life, even in all the little things that are just between you and Him. Conviction to do His will, to walk out the walk He has for you, is all-consuming. It seems like it will always be this way - until the day the honeymoon is over.


As with any honeymoon, there comes a day when it is time to get your feet back on the ground to focus on living daily life, dealing with life's challenges and problems. On that day, Messiah is still with you, but now you must take up your responsibilities too. A relationship involves two parties, both He and you, and He expects you to step up to meet the realities that come into your life each day. Ultimately, your daily decisions, or lack of them, will determine how well you stay on the path He has for you. Once you reach that point, life can start to get messy.


I'm not saying His abundant grace is over on that day. I am saying that sometimes it might feel to you like it is.  That's because He wants you to grow up in Him, and growing up is always a painful process.


At this stage you will likely be assaulted by the consequences of decisions you make on your own apart from His Word and Spirit. Equally painful are the decisions you should have made but didn't. Cause and effect does not go away simply because you are a believer. Cause and effect forms the dynamic on which all reality is based, whether you are a believer or not. The sooner you deal with the world as it is instead of as you would like it to be, the sooner the pain will subside.


The cause and effect dynamic is a major reason for the Torah and the rest of the Scriptures, to tell you how to deal with every situation according to His wisdom. Your feelings will betray you and easily lead you astray, but follow His Word and Spirit rather than your own heart and you will avoid many hazards. Get serious about making over your mind by programming yourself with His Word and you will be well-armed to know and to do His will, as you avoid potential hazards that can derail you from any real effectiveness for the King.


Its great to be "saved." Its not surprising that baby believers tend to think that being "saved" is what everything is about; you've made it, ticket punched and smooth sailing from here (not). You can't help it if you are a baby that you think you are the center of the universe. Every baby thinks that. It doesn't help though, that there are a host of false teachers who want to get rich by reinforcing that fairytale. It is in their monetary interest to keep you a baby, smiling and cooing away as they stroke your feelings to reinforce your complacency. These guys always have an upbeat message as a lullaby to keep you asleep. Sleep on as a baby, and never grow up, and you are doomed when the dark day comes.


So lets say you manage to get past that baby stage.  You still have your own flesh nature to contend with. Then you have the hatred of the world to contend with. Then you have the war against the forces of wickedness in heavenly places to contend with. Then the world goes crazy and you have to deal with nonsense that you probably never even imagined. If you kept close to Yeshua, and followed His Word and Spirit through all of that then you are still on the path and walking well.


On the other hand, after all of that you might decide that you were happier when you were an ignorant baby, and you might even try returning to the baby stage again. Of course, that won't work and will just open you up to far more problems. You may start the revolving door stage where you just keep going through every possible door to try and find - something.  You end up with a hodge-podge of ideas from here and there that actually produce nothing but personal chaos. As I said earlier, life can get messy, very messy.


As life keeps getting more and more messy debris from all of that piles up in your life. You get bogged down. Maybe you are not even sure anymore who you are or what you are about. You don't know what God's will is for your life, and maybe don't even think about that. The conviction you once had may now have waned and you find yourself bogged down in a sort of spiritual limbo, a great nothing, that saps the strength out of your spiritual life.


What do you do now?


Do this: Go back to go forward.


Revisit that original meeting with your Lord. Do it now, though, with the benefit of lessons learned. Recapture the rapture of that moment in which He captured your heart. The answer to your future is in that moment in the past, when your heart was broken, and your inner man was poured out before Him like water, in humility and truth. Have that meeting with Him again. Repent for all of your poor choices and lack of the right choices, and seek the conviction from Him that you once had, to finally do what He called you to do. It is not too late to shake off the chains of unbelief and the lethargy of wasted years. You can yet reclaim the spiritual legacy you were meant for. You can rise up in newness of life in Yeshua to become the real you!


In the life of every believer there are times when we must go back to go forward. This is a principle that is well worth considering as we are about to enter into the 7th month of this significant Shmita year. Great challenges lie just ahead, and we must rise up to meet them. Our theme for this upcoming 7th month will be "The Way Forward." To pick up the right trail forward we must go back to where we started, and then move forward past where we are now, and then forward from there, into the fullness of our Father's will. Make plans now to trek this spiritual journey with us from the past to the future, through every meeting we have planned for the 7th month. It's The Way Forward, and you won't want to miss any of it.


Join me tonight at our online meeting for Go Back To Go Forward, at Tsiyon.Net at 8 PM, CST. This will be open to all Tsiyon members, including free members, starting with tonight's meeting, and all the way through Month 7. This is just what you need to make yourself ready for the significant events of Month 7 Shmita Year 2022, and beyond.

Blessings and good health to you,




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"The Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence, and the forceful snatch it away by force." Matthew 11:12

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