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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 17.56 - 09/28/6022 TAM - 12/22/2022 AD

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Biblical Archaeology Special

From Eliyahu

Consider this:


Biblical Archaeology in the Holy Land has been making breathtaking discoveries, one after the other, that prove beyond doubt that the Bible is an historically accurate account of real events. These discoveries bring faith and reason together, since those who have a living relationship with the Lord already know the Bible is true, accepting the Bible on faith, trust, in the Faithful One.


However, for many other people science speaks more loudly than faith - and archaeology IS science. For over a century archaeology has been digging and discovering in the Holy Land, applying hard science to those discoveries, with secular archaeologists begrudgingly being forced to admit the details of places and events described in the Bible are confirmed by what is actually found in the dirt of actual Biblical places. This brings faith and reason together, as a means for we who know YHWH, to introduce the God of History to honest-hearted reasonable people who do not yet know Him.


This is where people like Biblical Archaeologist Thomas Winder come in. I'm talking about archaeologists, like Thomas, who have seen the evidence in detail, and are convinced by it that the Bible is absolutely reliable. Often, such men search with a Bible in one hand and a spade in the other, actually being directed from the words of Scripture where to dig. They dig in those places and find exactly what the Scriptures say they will find there!


Real experts like these are tearing down myths - not myths of the Bible. Not myths of the Bible, because the Bible is proven accurate by the facts in the ground. No, they are tearing down the myths of the skeptic "experts" who have been making up stories for years in their efforts to discredit the Bible, and the God of the Bible. Real science reveals the truth, and that is exactly what is happening, as the proof for the accuracy of Scripture has mounted up to a height beyond any reasonable doubt.  

HermonWhat is there now?

This is why I'm very pleased to interrupt our normal Tsiyon Academy schedule to bring you a chance to meet Biblical Archaeologist Thomas Winder. This opportunity came to Tsiyon because Thomas is an old friend of Sister Shelia, one of our core Tsiyon Headquarters volunteers. Thomas is well-known to the archaeological community in the Holy Land, having worked, and even directed, important projects, even including at the archaeological site of ancient Sodom. Of course, Sodom is very important for us today, because Messiah said:

 "..even as it happened in the days of Lot: they ate, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they built; but in the day that Lot went out from Sodom, it rained fire and sulfur from the sky, and destroyed them all. It will be the same way in the day that the Son of Man is revealed." Luke 17:28-30

As you can see from Messiah's statement, Sodom is a sign for the Last Days. That's why the archaeological discoveries at ancient Sodom, confirming in detail the Biblical account, serve as a prophetic warning for our day. Thomas Winder was there when some of these discoveries were made, and even made some of them himself.


These days Thomas has another project that he is focusing on. This project brings us into the ancient land of Bashan, the land of the giants. This includes Mount Hermon, the place where the angels that sinned materialized upon the earth, bringing debauchery and violence to mankind. Those fallen angels took human women and produced offspring called the Nephilim. We have most recently discussed them, as the warriors of Israel defeated a post-Flood race of those giants in this same location, as reported in the book of Deuteronomy. Would you like to see a toe bone from one of those giants? In our interview Thomas will show you one!


Yeshua Messiah did some important ministry in that same area near and upon Mount Hermon. As we explore with Thomas, what Yeshua did there, we will share fascinating graphics and video that will expand your knowledge regarding that whole area, and more importantly, Messiah's activity and message in that place. The high point will center around the Transfiguration of Yeshua upon a "high mountain" in that area. Would you like to see where that likely happened?


Don't miss this special interview with Thomas Winder, Archaeologist at our online Tsiyon meeting tonight at Tsiyon.Net at 8 PM, CST. I know you will find this most interesting, and a faith-strengthening blessing.


Blessings and good health to you,




PS - We have cancelled our streaming provider due to recent poor service. Therefore, we are providing tonight's video on demand at the same time and place as usual, which should eliminate the streaming problems we have had of late. We will be continuing this for our meetings for a few weeks, until we can get a tested and reliable streaming service up and running on our system.

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