What makes a person mighty in the Scriptures, and why you should care.


Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 18.05 - 11/14/6022 TAM - 02/05/2023 AD

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Moses Grand Finale

From Eliyahu

Consider this:


In the book of Exodus we meet the Hebrew baby who would become Moses (Heb. Moshe), drawn out of the water (Moses means drawn out), miraculously saved, to grow into manhood in the court of Pharaoh. At 40 years of age he made an attempt to save his Hebrew people from the bondage they were suffering in Egypt - only to fail miserably, running for his life to try to find a new life in the wilderness of Midian. For the next forty years Moses had lots of time to ponder his failures, as he lived out the isolated life of an obscure shepherd on the slopes of Horeb. At 80, though still strong, he likely shared the normal expectations of a person in the waning years of his life. Certainly, he was long past seeing himself as any sort of help to the Hebrews in Egypt. Even when he met YHWH at the burning bush he could not see himself taking up the call:

Moses said to Elohim, “Who am I, that I should go to Pharaoh, and that I should bring the children of Israel out of Egypt?”  Exodus 3:11

The truth is, Moses could not see himself in the role YHWH was proposing, and even any concern he still may of had for his Hebrew brethren in Egypt was not enough to overcome the reluctance of Moses. If it had not been for the fact that YHWH simply would not take 'no' for an answer, none of us would have ever heard of Moses. Yet, at 80 years of age Moses was thrust into a role he didn't want, by a God he didn't know.


This does not look like the start one would expect from the man who would go on to become Moses, the powerhouse of Divine Energy and Victory, we find in Devarim (Heb. Words), better known to many as Deuteronomy (Gr. Second Law). Here, as Moses nears the day of his death at 120 years of age, we find an entirely different Moses than the reluctant prophet at 80 years. Instead, at 120, we find a man of unexcelled love, faith, truth, power and victory, upon which a victorious nation of Israel had been built.


Deuteronomy is a Second Torah, and perhaps a more spiritual Torah, benefiting from the 40 years of experience Moses had enjoyed walking closely with YHWH, speaking with Him face to face, becoming the wise and faithful man of YHWH that Elohim always knew he could and would become. Moses had fulfilled the promise of his name, having been "drawn out" by YHWH into the fullness of his true self. In Deuteronomy we receive this spiritual essence that had been infused into Moses over the duration of an extraordinary 40 years of communion with the Eternal One.


Let us learn from this. Do not allow yourself to be limited by your own narrow perspective of who you are meant to be. As with Moses, YHWH knows you better. He knows who you can become in Him. Take the risk. Don't hold back because of age or any other perceived limitations. Stretch out beyond your own perceived limits to find His limits for your life (Maybe there aren't any!). If you do, you will likely find His place for you is far beyond what you could have ever imagined for yourself.


As Moses approached his 120th birthday, Moses had risen to become his highest self. Not only was he the leader of Israel - he himself had grown into the very model of what Israel was meant to be: Jeshurun, the ideal Israel. If you ever aspire to be something more than you are - If you still believe YHWH has more for you, more growth, more wisdom, more love, more truth, and more of His will - then you need Deuteronomy. You need it for the very reason the flesh man hates it, and why dead religion has thrown it away.


Deuteronomy can wake you up, call you out, challenge your choices, make you very uncomfortable - and push you forward on the narrow way of life. Most prefer a far more cushy message. You can do what most believers do (ignore Deuteronomy) because the realities it insists upon are not exactly easy to deal with. Do so at your own peril, because what we are facing in the world today demands much more than the cushy, feel-good, go-to-sleep lullaby that brings in the bucks for the mega-churches. If ever there was a time we needed the hard-truth message of Deuteronomy, this is the time.

Tonight we are considering Moses' Grand Finale. This is awesome stuff, and you are invited to join us as we unpack the big finish of Moses' life. Our Tsiyon meeting will be at Tsiyon.Net at 8 PM, CST tonight. Come and be abundantly blessed through Moses, the faithful servant of YHWH.


Blessings and good health to you,




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