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stacked deck

From Eliyahu

Consider this:


How about a little game of Three Card Monte? You may have seen this little scam being played out on the street, at a train station, airport, or anyplace where people are traveling through - or you might have seen it in a TV show or movie. Three Card Monte is a con in which the victim (the mark) is tricked into betting a sum of money, having been convinced he/she can find the "money card" (usually the Queen or Ace of Hearts) among three face-down playing cards.


Typically you may be drawn in by seeing a group of people standing around someone doing a trick with three cards. This arouses your curiosity, so you draw closer to get a look. Some people appear to be betting and winning while others appear to be choosing the wrong card, while you had observed correctly which card was the money card. This makes you think you can win, so you decide to make a bet, and now you are hooked.


Before going on I should tell you that I have never actually played Three Card Monte, although I have seen it on TV. I thought it might be a good example of how a complex deception works, so I looked up more about it on the internet. Here's a quote from a website where an expert talks about the game:

   "In fact, no self-respecting Monte crew has ever paid off a legitimate player since the object of the game is not to offer a fair gambling proposition but to fleece, rip-off and rob anyone unfortunate enough to stumble into their web. 

   It’s hardly a fair game since any crowd watching it being played is filled with shills. Shills are the accomplices: people paid to help manipulate victims by betting at pre-arranged moments in a bid to encourage people to take part. It’s not even a game since you have zero chance of winning.

   It’s easy to dismiss anyone who’s fallen into this kind of trap and it’s true that players are foolish for getting involved. But once you stop and look, you’re entering a complex, well-practiced scenario that’s laser-focused to target your common sense and inhibition. Monte operators manipulate cards with expert skill – and manipulate people with ease."

Here are a few things mentioned here that ring a bell for me. First, the shills. None of them wear signs that say "I am a shill." Each of them plays a role in 'a complex well-practiced scenario'. In fact, to draw you into the scam you must believe they are just ordinary people like yourself - just part of the gathering crowd. It just seems too elaborate for you to think the whole play is just to fool you - and yet it is. What looks like a simple little game is actually a very complex operation in which both your thinking and emotions are being expertly manipulated.


Now that you understand that Three Card Monte is a con that cannot be won, what would you think If I told you the Globalist Elite are doing a Three Card Monte on you right now - and on the whole world?

drawn infleeced

Listen, the devil is THE master of deception, the master of the lie. Don't you think that his top lieutenants in this world are the best there is at deceiving the world? Don't you think they have the motivation to deceive the whole world? I don't mean simply in random acts of deception either, even though there are plenty of those. What I'm talking about is a complex scenario, complete with shills acting out their roles so that you will believe the narrative they need you to believe to deceive you, to accomplish their scam. Don't you think they have the complex knowledge of human nature to draw people in and manipulate them to get what they are after? And what are they after? Your wealth, your support, your labor, your life. They want complete power. Control over everything and everyone.


They've been working their con for decades now and have increased their wealth and power to an astounding degree. They know they have reached the tipping point they have been working toward all of that time. They are now entering the final phase of their con which will, in fact, bring the entire world under one evil dictatorship. Does that sound too hard to believe? The Scripture cannot be broken, and it makes very clear, in Daniel, in Revelation, in other prophets, that the evil one-world government will come to power through great deception - a deception we all need to know and deal with "that no advantage may be gained over us by satan; for we are not ignorant of his schemes." 2 Corinthians 2:11

At tonight's meeting my theme is: How Has The Globalist Elite Stacked The Deck? This includes very specific information describing the elements and major players in the con the Elite have been running on the world (including you) for more than fifty years. Finally, this con has literally put them into position to take over control of the world very soon. This presentation will be free for all Tsiyon members, including free members. Tell your friends and relatives to sign up and sign in for this. That's at Tsiyon.Net at 8 PM, CST. Once you see and understand this globalist con, a whole new understanding of the realities of the world will help to get you through this.


Blessings and good health to you,




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