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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 18.10- 12/21/6022 TAM - 03/13/2023 AD

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From Eliyahu

Consider this:


I am amazed to see how quickly actual events are now overtaking the message predicting them. Everything is moving now, that fast. Let me explain:


One week ago I presented a message entitled: How Has The Globalist Elite Stacked The Deck? If you saw that you know it lays out exactly how the globalist elite got control and rigged the monetary system to push the world's wealth toward them [you can view that video recording at tsiyon.net]. After half a century of that, the top 10% now own 76% of the world's wealth, while half of the world must share only 2%!  Yes, people are actually starving to death to feed the globalist monster. At this point the bogus money system engineered by the globalist elite is so far out of whack that it is in its death throws, and must soon crash in the mother of all crashes.


Over the course of this last week I have been working on the next message in the series: WHAT TO EXPECT NOW thru 2030. This message takes up where the last one stopped, focusing on where this is all going, and is entitled: Globalist Technoslavers. I know. It sounds like a 'b' movie, right? Unfortunately, this is where the world has come to in 2023 i.e. something like a 'b' movie you would never want to see twice.


Anyway, tonight's message will lay out for you exactly where the globalists are taking the world, and how they are going to get there. When you see the facts, you will understand that their globalist gambit is far more progressed than most people realize, and it is about to shake the world. Remember the "Great Reset"? This is the grand finale of the Great Reset, when they crash the world economy and bring in ... well, its all in tonight's message.


Back to my opening statement though; can you imagine what it has been like for me through this last week, as I've been putting this message all together for you - and at the same time early death throws of the crash I'm preparing to tell you about are popping up as front page news?! This is a surreal experience.

the crashtechnoprison

Back in 2015 I presented the Daniel Seminar entitled: "The Beasts of Daniel Surfacing." Well, now the beast HAS surfaced to a point where anyone who actually looks can see it. The situation is like coming upon a rattlesnake coiled up before you, rattling and poised to strike. It's there, dead ahead, and you know it WILL strike. In that instant you are either frozen with indecision, or you act decisively to avoid the deadly fangs of the beast. What you do in that instant will determine your fate.


There are only 7 years left for the 2030 Agenda to be fully put into effect. Time is running out. The globalists are coiled before us all, prepared to strike. When they do strike, the entire world as we have known it will literally change overnight. Their plan is demonically brilliant. I will be unpacking the major features of that plan for you in tonight's message: Globalist Technoslavers. Yes, they are going to use technology to enslave the world. Don't underestimate them. They can and will do it, just as the Scriptures indicate. The only question is: will you be ready for them when they strike? You must be quicker than they are to avoid the venomous fangs.


Now you know why I believe it is vitally important for you to see tonight's message. You need to know in advance exactly what they are up to, so you can move in time to avoid the snake striking you. Everything is moving very quickly now, so don't miss this vital message.


Our presentation tonight will be free for all Tsiyon members, including free members. Tell your friends and relatives to sign up and sign in for this. That's at Tsiyon.Net at 8 PM, CST. Realize, the globalist plan is not just something that may happen some time. Rather, the trap has already been set and will be triggered soon. YHWH has the solution for His people, and His solution is the silver lining we can cling to, as we all face the test of the rising globalist scheme.


Blessings and good health to you,




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