What makes a person mighty in the Scriptures, and why you should care.


Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 18.20 - 02/28/6023 TAM - 05/19/2023 AD

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The Holy and the Horrible

From Eliyahu

Consider this:


In researching kings and other government leaders, whether Biblical, historical or present day, it becomes apparent that corruption is a common theme. Unsolicited by me, the Bing AI-chat was recently added to my Skype program, so I thought I would see how the AI would explain this. I submitted the question you see below, and got the answer exactly as you see it here:

Q. Why do so many government leaders become corrupt?

AI. That's a complex and controversial question. There is no definitive answer, but some possible factors are:

• Corruption is the abuse of entrusted power for private gain. It can take many forms, such as bribery, embezzlement, nepotism, cronyism, patronage, graft, and extortion.

• Some government leaders may become corrupt because they are motivated by personal greed, ambition, or ideology. They may also face pressure from powerful interest groups, criminal networks, or foreign actors who seek to influence their decisions or policies.

• Corruption may also be influenced by the political system and the culture of a country. Some systems may have weak institutions, poor oversight, low accountability, or high inequality that create opportunities and incentives for corruption. Some cultures may have different norms and values regarding corruption, such as tolerance, acceptance, or justification of certain practices.

• Corruption may also have negative effects on the society and the economy of a country. It may undermine democracy, human rights, rule of law, public trust, social cohesion, and development. It may also distort markets, reduce efficiency, increase costs, and create instability.

I hope this helps you understand some aspects of corruption. In this context, a human might say that corruption is a serious problem that needs to be addressed by all stakeholders.

I'm not very impressed. The AI gave me a lot of words, but no real answer to my question. In fact, the AI admitted it doesn't know the answer, by saying: "There is no definitive answer."


The AI is wrong about that. There IS an answer.

No moral questionsno soul

SIN is the answer. Sin is the reason so many government leaders become corrupt. Not surprisingly, Microsoft, apparently doesn't know that. Anyway, any person with the most elementary Bible knowledge knows that even the best of humans are plagued with a sin nature that tends toward self-interest and selfishness. In most cases all it takes for that sin nature to move a person to corrupt acts is desire and opportunity. These abound for people who ascend into high office.


Lord Acton, one of the most prominent and learned Englishmen of the 19th century, is credited with the well-known phrase "absolute power corrupts absolutely." The reason that phrase is a truism is because sin is in every person.  Here is the entire quote of Lord Acton that truism is taken from: 

“Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority; still more when you superadd the tendency of the certainty of corruption by authority.”  - Lord Acton

Where power, influence, and wealth abound, sin rules the day. The Bible record confirms this. Of all the kings of Judah and Israel that are listed in the Tanakh, the vast majority of them were 'bad men' - horrible really. Only nine out of that group were ever righteous. While that is not many, it is a far better average than the world in general has produced. What is the difference? How did nine kings manage to punch past the sin that usually rules high office?


The secret to righteous rule among men is baked into the Davidic Covenant, and it is the only thing that works. Tonight at our live online Tsiyon meeting we are continuing our deep dive into the Davidic Covenant, as we compare the holy to some horrible leaders of Israel reported in the Tanakh. From this fascinating adventure, we will glean great insights into the heart of the problem of corrupt government - and the solution. This is vital information in this day in which unrighteousness and corruption have reached new heights and, coupled with the power of technology, literally threaten to destroy the world.  Join our live-stream tonight at Tsiyon.Net at 8 PM, CST. We look forward to your participation.


In His Name,





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