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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 18.21 - 03/07/6023 TAM - 05/27/2023 AD

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Decline of the House of David
Special May 28

From Eliyahu

Consider this:


LIVE STREAM TONIGHT: Joseph, Mary, the baby Yeshua, and the Davidic family line, fill up the pages of the first two chapters of Matthew. There we see the Divine formation of a unique family. This is a royal family that sprang from the Davidic line of kings. Yet, we don't meet them in a palace. They are humble people - so humble that Herod the king had no idea who they were, or how to find them, so just slaughtered all of the baby boys in Bethlehem in his effort to kill the Messiah of Israel in His crib.


This leaves us with a mystery, before we even get to the ministry of Yeshua. That mystery is about His family. Joseph, the Davidic family head, should have been king, but instead, he was part of the working class in the out of the way hamlet of Nazareth. How had the Davidic line fallen so far? Had not YHWH made a covenant with the House of David? Once they had ruled as kings. Now, they were essentially hiding out in an obscure village, unknown to the elite of their day. How did that precipitous decline happen? And how did that dramatic change in the family's status effect the context of Messiah's earthly life?


To truly understand the context of Yeshua's life and ministry, we must begin where Matthew begins - understanding the unique covenant of the family with YHWH, the history of the family in that covenant context, and the spiritual, social, and political ramifications Yeshua and His family were dealing with. In tonight's live broadcast we will be looking at the history of the decline of the House of David, filling in more of the backstory of the first two chapters of Matthew. To fully know a person it helps a lot to know their family. That's why this backstory helps us know Yeshua better. 


All of that is tonight, May 27, 2023. We have a double-header for you though, with two great live programs in a row!

Shavuot specialSpecial Report


Tomorrow night, May 28, 2023, we will have a live presentation for Shavuot. Here is what to expect:


TSIYON RADIO REPORT: For the first part of our program, Tsiyon Radio will be video reporting on the "March for Jesus" taking place today in Bastrop Texas, population 9.69K. Bastrop is a suburb of Greater Austin, so its local to this entire area. Why is TSIYON RADIO reporting on this?


The purpose of the march is to uphold the supremacy of the Lord. When hundreds or thousands of believers get together to publicly uphold the supremacy of the Lord - that's news!  The "March for Jesus" is a nationwide effort. however, out of 1470 towns and cities in Texas, only three Texas towns are participating in the event, suggesting that these Bastrop Christians are among the most zealous in the state. We want to interview some of them to ask why they are choosing to publicly lift up the supremacy of the Lord, especially at this time. I think we will get some encouraging interviews!  We will be sharing this report on our live Shavuot video stream, complete with video interviews from the event.


SHAVUOT-PENTECOST PROGRAM: Following the Tsiyon Radio Report there will be a live discussion on the theme "Filled with Fire." There are a number of different opinions on the question of what the Pentecost following Yeshua's ascension was all about. For example, Pentecost is known to Catholics as the "birthday" of the Catholic Church because it marks the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the apostles, especially Peter, who they claim as the first "pope". Dispensationalist Christians, and most Christians in general, see it as the "birthday" of the Christian Church. A corollary to both positions has to be that Israel was somehow set aside as God's chosen people on that day, and the Catholic and/or Christian Church took Israel's place. However, there are some very perplexing theological problems with that position.


In this live discussion we examine the Scriptures that shed light on what actually happened on that very special Shavuot, and what it means to us. There is nothing like the truth of the Word to clear up challenging questions! Surely, as we dig deeper in the Scriptures our faith is built up.


LIVE INTERACTION: As always, we will be responding to real-time comments and prayer requests on both of these streams, May 27 and then the next night, May 28, so don't be shy about being heard.


CONCLUSION: Summing up, join our live stream tonight, May 27, at Tsiyon.Net at 8 PM, CST, for Decline of the House of David.  On the next evening, May 28, join us for our special Shavuot live stream at Tsiyon.Org or Tsiyon.Net. Alternately, hear them both live on Tsiyon Radio or other streaming destinations. Come to both and be blessed!


In His Name,





PS - The audio from both live stream will be broadcast on Tsiyon Road radio at Tsiyon.Org at Tsiyon.Net at 8 PM, CST.


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