What makes a person mighty in the Scriptures, and why you should care.


Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 18.25 - 04/07/6023 TAM - 06/25/2023 AD

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Yeshua the Nazarean

From Eliyahu

Consider this:


Context is vital to truth. Beware of deceivers who weave a false narrative that changes the context to create a twisted perception of the truth. Want an example? The Bible. Don't get me wrong here. None of this is the fault of the Bible.  Even so, the Bible is probably the most misused source in the history of the world. Tommy Douglas, an influential Canadian politician of the mid-20th century, put it this way:

"The Bible is like a bull fiddle, you can play almost any tune you want on it." - Tommy Douglas

It is unsurprising that a politician originated that saying, since politicians are known for having a knack at twisting the truth to their own advantage. Not that I'm saying Douglas was wrong about how people use the Bible. In fact, we all know, the Bible is often quoted (out of context) to support all sorts of dubious behavior, let alone false doctrines. It is even a common practice in the pew for a preacher to read one verse of Scripture and then use that as a springboard to tell an entertaining story to make everybody feel good, that unfortunately, has nothing to do with the real context of the verse cited.


As I wrote above, none of this is the fault of the Bible. The reason the Bible is misused this way, so often, is because the Bible is known to be the source of Divine Truth. No wonder people, good and bad, want to represent the Bible as being on their side! The reason they can so easily get away with it is because so many believers do not know and understand the Bible in its true context, so they either don't see the contradictions, or, don't feel confident enough to call them out. Context is key to understanding the Bible - and just about everything else. 


This is just as true of people as anything else. Why do we have people who "identify" as everything from cats to space aliens today? Why do so many others simply not know who they really are? Personal identity is a major problem for millions of people in today's world. People not knowing themselves, or thinking they are something other than who they are on the biological DNA level has become a HUGE issue in today's world. Why?


This is on purpose. All the foundations of sanity have been systematically attacked over the last few centuries, decades and years. Everything that tells you where you come from has been assailed and vilified. At the same time you are constantly told that the important thing in your life, is all about you - how you look, how you dress, what toys you have, what brings pleasure to you - you, you, you.


Just two or three generations like this has been enough to totally remove the historic context from the life of average people - setting them adrift in time as islands unto themselves. People who have been removed from the context of their identity are desperate to find one. Such a person has been made into a blank slate onto which anything can be written by the architects of this modern living hell.


No context? No sanity.

family treeRoots

Sanity begins with knowing who you are as part of a larger whole. That's why God willed for a new person, a baby, to have a mother and a father, to start out from the very beginning as part of a family. Your family is something bigger than yourself, of which you were meant to be a part. Growing up as part of a loving, highly functional, family is the best thing that can possibly happen for a child. Here the child learns from the start that love means loving back. Love must be reciprocal to accomplish its purpose. From this grows trust, industriousness, and every other aspect of character so necessary to the formation of a sane, well-adjusted and worthwhile person. 


Right here I should acknowledge that many people today, maybe most people, have not had the ideal family experience as laid out above. If that's you, you were robbed of something that should have been your birthright. If that's you, all your life you have been faced with a struggle to make up for that deficit. That's not easy, but I suspect if you are the sort of person who reads this newsletter, then you have already overcome that loss to a great extent, and I salute you for it.


I also want to tell you that the roots of your family, your roots, go back much further than you know. There is a lot of good in your family lineage, and you can tap into that richness of your family tree, with the Lord's help, to kindle more of the true context of your identity. Your family tree exists for a purpose, and that has a lot to do with who you really are. God knows that family context, and true identity, and is able to restore that to you.


Yeshua the Nazarean was born into the kind of ideal family I have outlined above, with a rich family tree well known to each generation. The Nazarean reference suggests, not only Yeshua's immediate earthly family, but also earlier generations of the Davidic family line that He was born into. As with every person born into a family, He grew up as part of a family, and His family formed a framework for His true identity as a man in this world. As we look at Yeshua's life and ministry, we can observe how He carried forward and advanced His family legacy.


The Way of Yeshua the Nazarean is the theme of our live-stream broadcast tonight. This will give you greater insight into the earthly life and family identity of Yeshua. Join our live stream tonight, June 25, at Tsiyon.Net at 8 PM, Central. See how Yeshua manifested the roots of His family tree.


In His Name,






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