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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 18.28 - 04/28/6023 TAM - 07/16/2023 AD

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From Eliyahu

Consider this:


Here is something you don't hear every day. My friend Roy, and his lovely wife, Judy, celebrated their 66th wedding anniversary last week! I'm sure we all want to congratulate them on their long and loving marriage together. They are truly an inspiration and an amazing example of marital success! This is no accident, but is the outcome of a steadfast faith.


Marriage and divorce are, of course, linked. However, each of those two words evoke completely opposite reactions from the other. Marriage is usually associated with feelings of anticipation, love, joy, happiness, togetherness, family and future. The other word is the "D-word" that most of us would rather not need to say or hear. Yet, the D-word happens way too much in our modern world, bringing with it a list of negative feelings and consequences that I would rather not even list, let alone talk much about. In the perfect world that the Creator made, there was no D-word. Our Creator never wanted anything so horrible as that to mar the beautiful and perfect world that He had made for us to live in. Sadly, it was the rebellion of humanity that created all of the monsters that have been killing us ever since - including the D-word.


About the statistics: We've already learned that the D-rate in Eden was zero. Not so in the world today. Many people live strange lives these days, with traditional marriage less common, and Biblical marriage even less common than that. This makes hard data on the subject difficult, if not impossible, to accurately collect and calculate. Beyond that, experts don't all see the data the same. Some actually say the rate has dropped, while others say that after all data is included divorce is increasing.


A rather surprising development showing up in the data concerns what is sometimes called "gray divorce." In the past, couples who stayed married into their golden years expected to be married "till death do us part." Now, the number of single older adults is growing, with the divorce rate for 50- to-70-year-olds having more than doubled since 1990. As if that isn't bad enough, “late life” divorces are predicted to triple by 2030.


Here at Tsiyon we have had some mature members and partners who have experienced the heart-break of gray divorce. One man in his 70s told us that his elderly wife wanted to find more excitement in her life, so she left their home and divorced him. In another case, a former Tsiyon member who represented herself as strong in the faith, left her husband of many years, took on a lesbian partner, and began an entirely other life as part of rainboo world. This sudden change was shocking, but was also a reminder that we all must be fighting the fine fight to endure on Yeshua's narrow way. These examples and many more, including people of every age group, reflect the selfishness and moral breakdown that is driving the rapid deterioration of the culture around us.


By contrast, the 66th year anniversary of Roy and Judy reminds us that the Scriptures offer a way of faith that leads to life-long blessings.


Marriage, as our Heavenly Father created it, was intended to be the very heart of human society, so you would think everyone would know what a marriage is. In the 21st Century, that turns out as not being the case. For example, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary marriage is defined as "the state of being united as spouses in a consensual and contractual relationship recognized by law."  I'm pretty sure when saying "law" they are not referring to the Law of the Creator Who invented marriage in the first place. In the pages of His Book the parameters of His marriage institution come through loud and clear. Not even SCOTUS has the authority to change one iota of His definition of marriage.


This leaves us in the strange situation in which one word - marriage - actually seems to mean at least two different things. Is that confusing? It is meant to be confusing, being as it is, from the father of confusion. Actually, when you apply the truth of the Scriptures to this, the confusion soon gives way to clarity. The word marriage actually means what the Creator says it means, and cannot be changed, any more than He can be changed. Since the world has no authority over what God has created, the contrary definition of marriage from the world is simply one more lie to be ignored, like any of the many other lies the devil is using to deceive and destroy mankind.


Does that make me a bigot for telling the truth? A lie on top of other lies does not make any of the lies into the truth. I will not be intimidated by an ugly word used against me to silence me or to negate the Biblical truth that I stand on. If I were to do that then I would have nothing to say of any value to Him or to you.


The very point of marriage is to be a sanctified relationship - set apart by the Creator Himself to accomplish His purposes through a given marriage. While there may be many other kinds of relationships established among and between consenting adults, only when the Creator is at the center of a covenant relationship between a man, a woman, and God Himself, can that relationship be defined as sanctified, Biblical, marriage.


Yeshua reiterated the sanctity of marriage in the portion of Scripture often called "The Sermon on the Mount." Yeshua also spoke about related issues, including lust, adultery and divorce. While not pleasant issues, these are issues where we need to know and understand His mind on these matters. You may have read these verses before, but I assure you, when we consider them in the context of those times, and Yeshua's perfect teaching from the Torah, all of this becomes fresh and new. While people often feel intimidated by these subjects, I think you will find His real message on these topics brings righteousness, freedom, joy and peace.


Join us for our live-stream broadcast tonight, July 16, at Tsiyon.Net at 8 PM, Central for this amazing episode of Yeshua's Narrow Way. You will learn that many people who should have known better in the 1st Century Jewish religion, whom Yeshua spoke to, were wrong about marriage and divorce. Fortunately for us, Yeshua was not afraid to tell them where they went wrong, and Matthew was not afraid to write it down for us. Come and join us tonight, and benefit from that eternal truth.


In His Name,






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