makes a person mighty in the Scriptures, and why you should care.


Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 18.32 - 05/28/6023 TAM - 08/15/2023 AD

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beware the wolves

From Eliyahu

Consider this:


The Hall of Hewn Stones was the council-chamber of the Sanhedrin during the Second Temple period (6th century BC – 1st century AD). This was the High Court of all Judea, making it imposing enough. It's construction and location magnified its imposing character far more. It was built directly into the north wall of the Temple in Jerusalem, halfway inside the Sanctuary itself and halfway outside, providing access both to the Temple and to the outside, with impressive massive doors, complete with armed guards. Its huge stone construction, built right into the Sanctuary, seemed to make it part of heaven itself.

Inside was the realm of the High Priesthood and the Sanhedrin, consisting of the most educated and imminent experts, in everything pertaining to the highly-venerated laws, customs, and traditions of the ancients, by which the elite ruled the riff-raff far beneath their lofty station. And with those elites, as with all the halls of great power, was to be found the officers and functionaries of the bureaucracy that supported all the high court's business.

All of this makes it obvious why the common citizen of the land never wanted to find himself inside The Hall of Hewn Stones. It was far too imposing and altogether dangerous to even approach. That is what makes this account so amazing.

One day in the late spring of 33 AD two common fishermen were arrested. Their now-anglicized names were Peter and John. The Captain of the Temple police arrested them and threw them into a cell overnight. The next day they found themselves standing in chains in The Hall of Hewn Stones, facing the entire body of Judea's eminent judges. There were reports that these two men had perpetrated a highly troublesome act in Solomon's Portico, as follows:

These two fisherman had encountered a beggar who was lame from birth, who daily appealed to the mercy of passers-by in the public area of the Temple complex. Apparently that day, with Peter and John passing by, the lame man got more than he was asking for. Peter and John didn't just walk by, or even throw the man a coin. Instead, in the name of "Yeshua Messiah the Nazorean" they instantly healed the man. "Leaping up, he stood, and began to walk." The crowd "recognized him, that it was he who used to sit begging for gifts for the needy at the Yafeh Gate of the Temple. They were filled with wonder and amazement at what had happened to him."

Of course, the Temple establishment could not have common fishermen making a public ruckus like this right under their noses, in their domain, thus requiring the arrest of the two offending perpetrators. So here the next morning, we have Peter and John standing in chains, in the middle of The Hall of Hewn Stones, surrounded by the "rulers, elders, and scribes, Annas the High Priest, Caiaphas, ..and as many as were relatives of the high priest" - probably a hundred people or more. All of them were staring at the two accused peasants from Galilee, and the formerly lame beggar standing with them as a witness.

Hall of Hewn Stones Hall of Hewn Stones

Normally, reduced to insignificance by the imposing spectacle now confronting Peter and John, accused peasants would be cowering before the court like whipped puppies. That this did not happen with these two fishermen is extraordinary. In fact, the confidence and competence with which they conducted themselves before the court is itself a miracle.     

The story of what was said and how this all turned out can be found in Acts Chapter Three. Go and read it for the details. What I am interested in here is, how this elite court reacted to the completely unrehearsed yet airtight defense that was so boldly and eloquently presented. The elite were utterly gobstopped. The account says:

"Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and had perceived that they were unlearned and ignorant men, they marveled. They recognized that they had been with Yeshua! Seeing the man who was healed standing with them, they could say nothing against it."

(Acts 4:13-14)

Snobs that they were, this was a huge disconnect for those elites. They could not imagine how common men, whom they considered "unlearned and ignorant" (so far as their religious system was concerned) could comport themselves before their highest court with confidence, and even eloquence. Then the light bulb came on - "they had been with Yeshua!"


Oh, they knew that name. Just a few years earlier, some of those same people were calling Yeshua "uneducated", only to receive a much needed lesson in humility. After observing Yeshua teaching at the Temple, "the Judeans therefore marveled, saying, “How does this man know letters, having never been educated?”" Yeshua had not been educated as part of their religious system, and they knew it. However, to their chagrin, He often engaged them and always bested them, until they gave up trying to win. Yeshua explained how He did it. 

Yeshua therefore answered them, “My teaching is not mine, but his who sent me. If anyone desires to do his will, he will know about the teaching, whether it is from Elohim, or if I am speaking from myself. He who speaks from himself seeks his own glory, but he who seeks the glory of him who sent him is true, and no unrighteousness is in him." 

John 7:14-18

For Yeshua, it was always about His Father's Will. His teaching came from His Father. Academics are fine to a point, but can never equal the level of truth that comes directly from the Father and His Son! The pure truth is in and from Him. No wonder those religionists, only weeks earlier, resorted to killing Yeshua to shut Him up. And now - now these fishermen were telling everyone that Yeshua had been raised from the dead and was sitting at the right hand of God in heaven! Further, they were even doing miracles to support their claims. Troublesome indeed.


For 3+ years Peter and John had walked with Yeshua - now, they were behaving just like Him! Now, they were imbued, often in the very instant needed, with the truth from above, just as He had been. This was not just head knowledge either. This truth radiated from within, through the heart and spirit of the disciple, with the boldness of the Son of God, to say and do the will of the Father. How is this sort of revolutionary change even possible, let alone in such a short time?


The Sermon on the Mount is the first complete teaching of Yeshua to be found in the Gospels. It is foundational to entrance into the Kingdom. It is both an invitation and an initiation for Yeshua's talmidim. Many took up that call. His closest men were utterly and completely changed by walking with Him for the three and a half years of His earthly ministry. They became His witnesses, empowered with miracle-working faith they got from Him. After Yeshua's death, resurrection and ascension to heaven those men gave the rest of their lives to their mission, and turned the world upside-down with His teaching. The Sermon on the Mount is a seed that grew into a Great Tree. It is still growing, and there is room in its branches for you.


Tonight  we consider the amazing conclusion of the Sermon on the Mount, in which Yeshua reveals the secret of how the same thing that happened to change very ordinary people like Peter and John into extraordinary powerhouses of the Kingdom - how that same thing can happen for you!


Join us for our live-stream broadcast tonight, August 15, at Tsiyon.Net at 8 PM, Central, for the last and best part of the most amazing sermon ever recorded in the history of the world! No, that is not Hyperbole.


In His Name,






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