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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 19.03 - 11/07/6023 TAM - 01/19/2024 AD

Blow your mind!
From Eliyahu

For a long time now I have seen from Bible prophecy that we are living in a time of great change, and that the pace of that change keeps accelerating from year to year. In fact, I pointed in advance to 2023 as marking the start of what I have described as "The Red Zone" - a seven year period of dramatic change beyond any we have seen so far, that is manipulating the world into global dictatorship.


The global Covid experiment should alert all intelligent and aware people of the awful power the elite exercise over the most powerful nations on earth. Even the so-called "free world" was shown up as not being so free after all, with the rights of individuals in so-called "free countries" being trampled on with impunity by government lapdogs of the globalists. Make no mistake. The elite agenda (Agenda 2030) has been made known everywhere, and it is slated by the elite to be fully implemented  by 2030. This is a hard date for them, and they have the power and the resources, not to mention the demonic backing, to pull it off. This, of course, is the driving force behind the rate of change we are seeing, coming in like a tsunami.


My point in bringing up all of this unpleasantness is simply to tell you this; change demands change. Here is a simple metaphor: The mother of all tsunamis is coming in. If you don't get to higher ground before the tsunami comes in, chances are, you will not survive when it does come in. Change demands change. The first change that is needed is a change of heart. You love your home by the ocean. You don't want to believe the report of the incoming tsunami. You don't want to go. Besides that, you have always been fine right there by the ocean, having already survived every storm. Your heart is telling you to ignore the warnings and stay right there. Yet, this time is different. To survive you will need to bite the bullet and tell your heart to shut up, or you will likely not survive.


Once you have your heart under control, you will have to have a change of thinking. The mode of thinking that goes with your lovely little house by the sea is entirely different than the mode of thinking you will need to save your family and yourself from the incoming tsunami. This is a lot of change for human beings to deal with in a few hours, or even a few days, months, or years. Most simply can't or won't change in time. Yet, reality is an unforgiving foe. Reality waits for no man. You can't change the inevitable. And trust me, what has been prophesied in Scripture IS inevitable. You can only change your behavior. But will you do that before time runs out?


Open your eyes. The worst dictatorship the world has ever experienced is being built and brought in as I write. Its something completely new. That's why all the changes. Of course, the globalists and their media shills are selling all of this as a good thing, for the benefit of mankind, even though this is really all about enslaving the world to the globalist elite. The end of this is an evil focus on every individual person in the world, with each one being personally and constantly monitored by ubiquitous surveillance technology, while an impossible set of ever-changing rules serve the interests of the elite, rather than the interests of the global population.


Freedom will be gone, as the will of the global dictatorship will be ruthlessly enforced, with each person being individually micro-managed, and punishments being immediately meted out without trial or recourse, by Artificial Intelligence technology. You may think you can escape this by fleeing to some remote hideout in the wilderness, but guess again. Many thousands of satellites are being put in place in a grid pattern to envelope the entire globe, capable of feeding back the data from every point on earth. Living in the woods somewhere is no escape. 21st century technology makes this the one and only time in history that this level of oppression of every individual person is even possible. Yeshua foresaw this.

No place to hide.Great Oppression

The elite are putting mankind in a bottle from which they are never meant to escape. Do you trust them with that kind of power over the world? I don't, and I'm glad I can tell you that despite their efforts to completely enslave every man, woman and child in their bottle, there is in fact, another bottle you can choose to live in, if you will only do that in advance, before they make their final move to put the cap on their bottle. 


I am talking about the Kingdom of Messiah. That kingdom is ruling His remnant people right now, and will continue to do so, up to and beyond His soon-return. He made a covenant with the patriarchs of Israel guaranteeing a land grant to them and their faithful descendants in perpetuity forever. The devil wants that land. The elite want that land. However, that land does not belong to them and never will, because it is the one place on earth guaranteed to the faithful people of YHWH - guaranteed to the Remnant of Israel. Our place of safety must be there. The almighty has said so in His Word.


His mighty arm proved greater than all the gods of Egypt, and will prove greater than all the gods, and all the tech, of the globalist elite. There will be a second Exodus of the Remnant from all the nations of the world. That could include you, but only if you will change your heart, change your thinking, and put your full and unqualified support behind Messiah's present Kingdom. The tsunami is coming in and time is running out. It is time for you to make a radical change if you would escape the air-tight bottle prison of the globalist elite.


That brings me to tonight's live meeting. My daughter Abigail will be interviewed. She is director of our 24/7/365 radio station at Beyond that, she has produced a weekly podcast entitled Hebraic Insights In The Gospels. In fact, she has done a deep study of the Tsiyon messages that have covered each chapter of each of the four Gospels, and has produced radio podcasts on all of that material, and has just concluded the final episode. I think I can safely say that nobody knows the content of all of the Tsiyon messages on the four Gospels like Abby.


Tonight's live stream panel discussion will be featuring Abby and  Abby's Top Pick Tsiyon Message From the Gospel of Matthew! I know you will enjoy getting to know this amazing young lady, her example as a Kingdom woman, and the quality truth she has to share. The Gospels tell us how Yeshua came to earth and established His Kingdom here, in the midst of His people. This is the "good news of the Kingdom" that he explained, demonstrated, set up and inaugurated into action. Don't be fooled by any counterfeit - only the real thing will do.


See "Abby's Top Pick Tsiyon Message From the Gospel of Matthew!"  tonight at 8 PM, Central Time, at Tsiyon.Net on our live stream. Share this with your friends on other popular platforms using the search term T S I Y O N. However you view it, I know you will be blessed.


In His Name,





They are making war on you.


"This generation will not pass away until all things are accomplished."  Luke 21:32

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