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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 19.05 - 11/21/6023 TAM - 02/02/2024 AD

He leads - we follow
From Eliyahu

Can you imagine a Nazi Jesus? Can you imagine renowned Christian theologians reinterpreting the Gospels to sell the idea of a Nazi Jesus? Even rewriting the New Testament to support that narrative? That happened in Germany in the WWII era. The description of the book The Aryan Jesus by Susannah Heschel explains:

Was Jesus a Nazi? During the Third Reich, German Protestant theologians, motivated by racism and tapping into traditional Christian anti-Semitism, redefined Jesus as an Aryan and Christianity as a religion at war with Judaism. In 1939, these theologians established the Institute for the Study and Eradication of Jewish Influence on German Religious Life. In The Aryan Jesus, Susannah Herschel shows that during the Third Reich, the Institute became the most important propaganda organ of German Protestantism, exerting a widespread influence and producing a nazified Christianity that placed anti-Semitism at its theological center. Based on years of archival research, The Aryan Jesus examines the membership and activities of this controversial theological organization. With headquarters in Eisenach, the Institute sponsored propaganda conferences throughout the Nazi Reich and published books defaming Judaism, including a dejudaized version of the New Testament and a catechism proclaiming Jesus as the savior of the Aryans. Institute members--professors of theology, bishops, and pastors--viewed their efforts as a vital support for Hitler's war against the Jews. [See search term The Aryan Jesus at]

From the stories of famous Christians, such as Corrie Ten Boom, who aided the persecuted Jews, one might think that Christians under the Nazi regime opposed the demonic onslaught of Hitler. Sadly, such Christians were in the minority. Most buckled under the Nazi pressure, even aiding and supporting the evil Nazis.


So what's my point? Simply this: Under pressure most professed believers (not just German believers) are easily led far from the path of the Master, even into the realms of darkness. Why does this happen? It is self-evident that innumerable professed believers are not following in the way of the Master, but are actually following someone or something else. In many cases, people follow after, and even join in, with the majority of their peers around them. This is not always bad, to a point. However, abandonment of one's conscience to follow the crowd leads to sin. The Word warns us:

"Do not follow the crowd when it does what is wrong; and don't allow the popular view to sway you into offering testimony for any cause if the effect will be to pervert justice." (Exodus 23:2)

Only having a real relationship with the living Lord, in which you actually know and obey Him, can guard you from such an error. When you put Him first and follow Him above all else something amazing will happen to you. You might not be seeing it yourself, but others around you definitely will.


I'm talking about transformation.

start out ugly- end up beautiful!

Transformation is what happens to the believer who actually obeys the leading of the Lord in his life. Simply walking with Him, and being trained by Him, purifies the character of His follower. It is change of the most profound kind, known only to the true children of God. John explains:

"Beloved, now we are children of God, and it is not yet revealed what we will be. But we know that, when he is revealed, we will be like him; for we will see him just as he is. Everyone who has this hope set on him purifies himself, even as he is pure." (1 John 3:2-3)

Transformation is the evidence manifested in the life of each true child of God.


When we allow Him to lead our way the experience is much like we read about in the Gospels. At first his disciples were more like the world than they were like Him. Sometimes they were fearful, while He was faithful. Sometimes they were jealous, while He was generous. Sometimes they were selfish, while He was selfless. Sometimes they wanted revenge, while He wanted restoration. Somehow though, His higher walk called to them, and they followed where He led. In the process, they were changed in their inner man to be better than they had been, or ever could have been, without Him. Were they perfect? Not exactly, but they were definitely being perfected. That's the process of transformation.


Remember that transformation is a process. As you walk with Him, the One who is perfect, you become more and more aware of your own imperfections. Don't let that discourage you. That is not meant to condemn you, but only to help you to see where He is working to purify and perfect you. Sometimes that process is very joyous. Other times it can be difficult, and even grievous. Either way, it is meant to bring out the best of who you can be in Him, and is motivated by His love for you. Trust Him and stay the course, and one day you will be amazed at who He has raised you up to be in His Eternal Kingdom!


There is so much to talk about on how He leads us and transforms us. That's why I know you will enjoy tonight's live stream panel discussion featuring Abby and Abby's Top Pick Tsiyon Message From the Gospel of Luke!  That's tonight at 8 PM, Central Time, at Tsiyon.Net on our live stream. Tell your friends to see this on popular video platforms using the search term T S I Y O N. Come and enjoy!


In His Name,





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