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many colors
From Eliyahu

Joseph's story is introduced in Genesis 37 and runs all the way through chapter 50, the last chapter of Genesis. From a certain point of view, this section of Scripture can be seen as the most important part of Genesis, since it provides the climax that the earlier chapters are all moving towards. In our Tsiyon Torah course, I teach all of this in depth. Here I merely want to share a few observations revolving around Joseph's coat of many colors. The coat is introduced at the start of Joseph's story with these words:

"Now Israel loved Joseph more than all his sons, because he was the son of his old age, and he made him a coat of many colors. His brothers saw that their father loved him more than all his brothers, and they hated him, and couldn't speak peaceably to him." (Genesis 37:3-4)

That the coat of many colors is introduced at the start of Joseph's story is not an accident. It is really a prophetic clue, standing as a metaphor for the entire story of Joseph - and beyond. Before I get into that, though, I need to clear up a few things.


The first has to do with Israel (a/k/a Jacob) loving Joseph more than his brothers. Today it is commonly believed that everyone should be loved equally. Because of that, modern readers might very well blame Israel for the hatred the other sons had toward Joseph. Yet, as the story unfolds, it becomes clear that it is not only Israel who is loving Joseph above his brothers - it is YHWH as well. We see that from the two dreams YHWH favored Joseph with, each of which foretells Joseph's future, in which he would be lifted up above his brothers. The most relevant of these dreams to this discussion is the second one, and goes like this:

"He dreamed yet another dream, and told it to his brothers, and said, Behold, I have dreamed yet another dream: and behold, the sun and the moon and eleven stars bowed down to me. He told it to his father and to his brothers. His father rebuked him, and said to him, What is this dream that you have dreamed? Will I and your mother and your brothers indeed come to bow ourselves down to you to the earth? His brothers envied him, but his father kept this saying in mind." (Genesis 37:9-11)

Joseph merely reported the dream, while making no interpretation of it. Yet, his brothers and father all knew what it meant, and they saw it as being shockingly audacious. They saw the meaning of the dream as sun and moon symbolizing Joseph's father Israel and his mother Rachel, and the stars symbolizing Israel's sons - all bowing to Joseph. The reality of this symbolism actually comes true later when Joseph's brothers bow to Joseph in Egypt, showing this to be a true prophecy from YHWH, and thus a true indication of YHWH's favor toward Joseph.


The coat of many colors gifted by Jacob to Joseph was a tangible sign of this same message of favor for Joseph that YHWH sent through Joseph's dream. From this we see that the special love of Israel for Joseph was justified, in that it mirrored YHWH's own special favor toward Joseph.


As we get into the narrative it becomes obvious that the problem was not with Joseph, or with his father. It was the brothers who behaved shockingly evil at the beginning of the story, even plotting the murder of Joseph. They ended up selling him into slavery. This eventually brought Joseph into servitude in Egypt. As if all that was not bad enough, the brothers devised an evil deception:

"They took Josephs coat, and killed a male goat, and dipped the coat in the blood. They took the coat of many colors, and they brought it to their father, and said, We have found this. Examine it, now, whether it is your sons coat or not. He recognized it, and said, It is my sons coat. An evil animal has devoured him. Joseph is without doubt torn in pieces. Jacob tore his clothes, and put sackcloth on his waist, and mourned for his son many days. All his sons and all his daughters rose up to comfort him, but he refused to be comforted. He said, For I will go down to the grave to my son mourning. His father wept for him." (Genesis 37:31-35)

An interesting element regarding garments is brought in here. Joseph's coat had been a sign of Joseph's righteous standing and now was being used as an ugly tool of deception against him. A similar thing happens later in the story with another of Joseph's garments when Potiphar's wife used Joseph's garment (in this context a visible sign of his righteousness) in her twisted lie against him. The righteous Yeshua's garment was divided up as spoil as if from a criminal. Garments are often used in Scripture as a symbol of righteousness. It is not unusual for the wicked to deceive others, tearing away the virtuous deeds of the righteous and misrepresenting them as evidence that the righteous are not righteous after all. Beware of such lies.   

Back to the brothers: The cruelty of the suffering the sons brought down upon their father's head through their sin against their brother Joseph, and the deception they created to falsely confirm his death, reveal a sharp contrast between the evil of the brothers compared with the righteousness of Joseph. Also revealed is the fact that the love of the sons toward their father was not true, as was the love of Joseph.


Many people say that YHWH loves everyone the same, but Scripture does not agree. In another example of this YHWH said "Jacob I loved, but Esau I hated." Jacob valued the things of God while Esau was profane. When you are talking about love you are talking about relationship. The person who values the relationship through heart-felt actions, in this case Joseph toward his father Jacob, offers far greater opportunity to be loved than those who behave otherwise. Thus, the concept of loving everyone equally is shown to be neither Biblical or possible. It is simply unrealistic. (Romans 9:13)


As for Joseph, he had learned the ways of YHWH from his father, and had taken them to heart, and he behaved accordingly in Egypt. As the account goes, over a period of years Joseph was raised up by Providence from slavery to glory, second only to the Pharaoh. Through this, the entire household of Jacob was saved from a devastating famine, being relocated to Egypt by Joseph, where they were provided with all they could possibly need. In the process his brothers were humbled and their stony hearts were broken in repentance for the evil they had done. Thus the sons of Israel were transformed from criminals into the righteous men they were meant to be, men ready to become the heads of the tribes of Israel.


The story of Joseph serves as a living parable pointing forward to the then-coming story of Yeshua. Like Joseph, Yeshua suffered and then was glorified to bring restoration and salvation to the House of YHWH. He is the favored only begotten Son who has been raised up far above all, and His brothers are pleased to bow before Him, because He alone is worthy!

The Dream CoatTable of the Tribes

The graphics above help us to understand the connection between Joseph's coat of many colors with Joseph's dream of the stars, and with the Tribes of Israel. My video seminar on The Breastplate Stones and the Remnant Tribes shows how each of the tribes is associated with its own distinct colors. The One and Only Nation Written in the Stars is my video seminar that goes into great detail showing how each of the tribes of Israel is actually represented in the stars in a series of constellations called the Mazzaroth. If not a Tsiyon member you can sign up free at Tsiyon.Net to see the amazing picture that unfolds from the revelation contained in these two seminars.


My point here is this: The stars of Joseph's dream and the coat of many colors combine into the Biblical symbolism of the Twelve Tribes of Israel written in the Word and in the stars as well. Thus, in its larger symbolism, Joseph's story points to the end days when the wayward remnant tribes of Israel will repent and turn back to righteousness, for the remnant nation to be restored as an ornament of praise and joy to adorn the Master, to glorify Him before the world.  


We are not without a tangible sign of this truth in our day. At the Lord's direction, this symbolism of the tribes has been brought together into a table created and housed here at Tsiyon. It is about 12 feet across with 12 sections. Each section portrays the unique colors and symbolism of its corresponding tribe, with a special seat for the leaders of each of the tribes of Remnant Israel. A photo of that table can be seen in the graphic above. Click on that same picture of Israel's Compass at the website for more information on what this means to you.  


Tonight's live stream panel broadcast features Judah's Top Pick Tsiyon Message from Genesis entitled Joseph in Servitude. Get to know Judah better as he shares his take of this topic in the live panel discussion, in which you can participate! This live video stream will fill in some of the blanks not addressed in this Newsletter. That's tonight at 8 PM, Central Time, at Tsiyon.Net. Come and enjoy this, and also join in the discussion!


In His Name,





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