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I didn't mean it!
From Eliyahu

Your favorite cousin is getting married today, and all your friends and relatives will be turning out for this spectacular wedding. You and your wife were just recently married yourselves, so you are really into this. With great anticipation of this joyous event, you both are getting dressed up in your best, as appropriate for the occasion. After a long while in the dressing room your wife comes out the door, dressed to kill.


As she emerges you turn to take a good look at her and blurt out: "you look terrible!"


She can't believe you said that, when she has put so much of herself into looking great for the wedding, and for you. She collapses into a chair as she starts to cry inconsolably. You hear her say something through the tears like "I thought you would like the way I look" - in between sobs.


What really happened is, you noticed that she seemed to be coming down with a cold or something, and you were asking her if she was feeling unwell. At work if this happened with one of the other guys, "you look terrible" get's the point across just fine. Here with your wife? Well, not so much. You cringe as you realize "you look terrible" may not of been the best way to convey your concern, just as she is looking for your assessment of how she looks dressed to the nines. Now, all you can think to say is: "I didn't mean it!" Somehow, that doesn't seem to help.


You feel like such a brute coming across as, well, a jerk to your wife. Now, on the inside you feel embarrassed and mad at yourself, while on the outside this makes you look frustrated and angry - not the look that is going to reassure her of your good intentions. Sometimes its just not that fun, being a guy, when the ball gets rolling in the wrong direction.


Don't you hate it when miscommunications like this happen and you unintentionally hurt someone you care for, and whatever you can think to say just makes it worse? I'm pretty sure we all hate that, but such awkward miscommunications sometimes happen to all of us, anyway. When they do happen, how should we think about them, and deal with them?  


Is just saying "I didn't mean it" going to be enough?

hurt wifedid I say that?

Once spoken, words can never be taken back. The phrase “I didn’t mean it” is often an attempt to do just that. This may work to some extent, when the offended party can see for themselves that the hurtful statement was just a faux pas. However, "I didn’t mean it” sometimes actually means something like "I did mean it, but I’m backtracking so I don't look so bad" or even "I meant to hurt you but I don't want to admit it." Because the phrase is sometimes used disingenuously, “I didn’t mean it” can fall short of being accepted as a true explanation for the hurtful words it is meant to ameliorate.


“I didn’t mean it” may be simply indicating a poor word choice, but maybe not. So its not reasonable to expect that just because you say "I didn't mean it" there is no need for you to explain to the injured person why and how you said something hurtful that you didn't mean. That unintentional mistake hurt someone. Even though you didn't mean to cause hurt, you did. Love demands that you don't just dismiss that. You need to honestly explain how your mistake happened, and apologize for using words that caused pain. 


Some of these sorts of differences can be solved quickly, in the same moment after they happen. That's the best way, if possible. However, a rift may have been caused by the hurtful remark that cannot be immediately solved. Here, you might feel at a loss as to how to overcome the breach in the relationship. Pray about it. Ask for help to understand why the other person feels hurt, what the truth is, and help in stating the truth to the injured party in a way that can be heard and accepted. Then trust that the Lord is with you and will help you, as you step forward in faith to do the right thing. Yes, that takes courage, but so does everything that matters.


Finally, whether the offender or the offended in a matter like this, strive to follow this admonition:

"Put on therefore, as Elohim’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, a heart of compassion, kindness, lowliness, humility, and perseverance; bearing with one another, and forgiving each other, if anyone has a complaint against any; even as Messiah forgave you, so you also do. Above all these things, walk in love, which is the bond of perfection." (Colossians 3:12-14)

As these verses show, holiness requires a loving and forgiving heart like that of our Messiah. Above I have shared with you something of what holiness looks like in a real world situation. Holiness is not religion. It is living a life set apart as one of His set-apart people, being like Him, behaving as He behaves. Although I haven't even mentioned the book of Leviticus above, everything I have said here expresses truth from the Book of Leviticus, a book about holiness in the real world.

Tonight's live stream meeting will give us more from the Book of Leviticus. The meeting will focus on Judah's Top Pick Tsiyon Message from Leviticus.
That's tonight at 8 PM, Central Time, at Tsiyon.Net. Perhaps you never knew that Leviticus is such relevant truth for our day. Tune in, and see for yourself. 


In His Name,





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