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01/01/6024 TAM - 03/11/2024 AD AT SUNDOWN

Start of the Torah New Year!

The Torah New Year Begins
From Eliyahu

This is a brief notification for you that Abib (Aviv) green barley is in the Land. Also the new moon has been sighted in Israel before sundown on March 11,2024. That means, according to the Torah requirements, Day1 of the first month of the Torah New Year begins at sundown this evening.


Here are other appointment days of Month 1. All of these dates begin at sundown on the Roman date given, then extend into the next Roman day to sundown of that day.

March 17, 2024...........Abib 07, S1, 1st Sabbath


March 24, 2024...........Abib 14, S2, 2nd Sabbath, PASSOVER


March 25, 2024...........Abib 15, UNLEAVENED BREAD (ULB - 7 days)


March 31, 2024...........Abib 21, S3, 3rd Sabbath


   April 07, 2024...........Abib 28, S4, 4th Sabbath

Notice that Passover begins the evening of March 17. We will be broadcasting a special Passover program that evening of March 17, starting at 8 PM Central Time. Plan now to join us on our live stream at Tsiyon.Net that evening. Have your matzos and wine ready, as we all partake together in the remembrance of the Lord's death. Since Passover is a special time for believers and not the world, PASSOVER WILL BE STREAMED AT TSIYON.NET ONLY. Please work out any login issues in advance so you are sure of being included. If tech help is needed, email us at


Here at Tsiyon we are planning some great things for you this year. The prophetic time schedule is moving fast, so determine now not to miss a thing at Tsiyon!


In His Name, Eliyahu 


YEAR 2 of the RED ZONE

A Year Deeper in the Red Zone!


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