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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 19.11 - 01/07/6024 TAM - 03/17/2024 AD

He will bring you back!

From Eliyahu


This is my first Tsiyon News for the new Torah Year 6024 TAM (TAM stands for Torah Year of the World). The last Torah year began March 23, 2023. In my Tsiyon News of that date I said:

"...this new day marks the start of a new 7 year Shmita Cycle. The Shmita Cycle we are entering is the red zone on the illustration of The Jerusalem Clock  I've created for you ... (as of that date) the hand of that clock points to the first year of the New Shmita Cycle."      

Last year at the start of the 7 year Shmita Cycle I closed my newsletter with these words:

"We are entering upon the most challenging years of our lives to date, but also the most potentially rewarding. I am praying for each of you, that you might have the heart of an overcomer, to make it all the way, enduring to the end, as Yeshua the Messiah leads."

Those words certainly proved true here at Tsiyon, and among other people whom we know. Clearly that first year of the Shmita cycle has seen some unprecedented challenges emerge for the whole world. Here's a few examples.


The threat of global nuclear war is at an all time high. Just 2 days ago an AP article was headlined with these words: "Putin warns again that Russia is ready to use nuclear weapons if its sovereignty is threatened." Multiple experts have said that the world is in greater danger of a nuclear war today than it was, even at the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis. This possibility is very real.


Another unprecedented event was the horrifying Hamas attack on Israel on October 7, 2023 that brought on the deadly Hamas-Israel war. This has set up the Middle East for major events that are prophesied in Scripture. Possibly even clearing the way for the Remnant Exodus.


And what about AI (artificial intelligence) being let loose on the Internet in 2023? This has resulted in another kind of war that some have said may be even worse than a nuclear war. I'm talking about the war between big tech companies to be the first to create an AI with human-like intelligence of amazing scope and power. Once thought decades away, experts are now saying that could happen as soon as 2027.


I could go on, but the point is made: Clearly this Shmita Cycle is rapidly changing the world, and not for the better. We must be aware, adaptable, and walking in the Holy Spirit to overcome all the changes coming upon the earth.      


Of course, before 2023 the signs of the times had been stacking up and many people saw them. According to a Pew Research Center survey conducted in April of 2022, in the United States, roughly four-in-ten (39%) – including nearly half of Christians (47%) – say “yes” when asked whether they believe “we are living in the end times.” While not a majority, that amounts to many millions of Americans who believe we have come to the end of the world.


Many of those folks are familiar with some of the Biblical signs of the end. However, some categories of Americans had even higher numbers. For example, a full two-out-of-three (67%) of those identified with a 'Religious Commitment' of 'High' believe "we are living in the end times." Why are two-to-one highly committed people believing that these are the last days? I would expect that this is probably the category that has invested the most study into the subject, so know the signs of the end when they see them - and most are seeing them!


What signs of the end are people seeing?


Here is an article by beliefnet that sums up the Christian position on the signs, entitled: The Final 11 Signs of the End of the World. The article states: "Here are the final 11 signs of the end of the world." Then it lists: "Signs of Deception, Hunger and Famine, Natural Disasters, The Spread of New Diseases, War, Rumors of War, Signs in the Heavens, Persecution, Lawlessness, (the return of) Jesus." This gives the impression that these are the last remaining signs of the end - and this simply is not true. There is one major sign foretold in Scripture many times, that always seems to be missing from any list like this.  

Final SignsMissed Sign?

There is, in fact, another major, absolutely unmistakable, sign of the end that was not only missed by beliefnet - but was missed by every prophecy site I know of. I'm talking about the exodus of the Remnant of the tribes of Israel (i.e. believing Israel) from every nation on earth returning as one nation to our Land. Need some facts about this amazing upcoming event? Come to tonight's Tsiyon meeting on the topic "He will bring you back" and you will get them!


That theme is a quote from Moses as he spoke to Israel on the border of our Land, before we entered in! There, in Deuteronomy 30, Moses makes an astounding prophecy about the return of a repentant remnant of Israel in the last days. That prophecy is echoed numerous times by all the prophets of Scripture, and must happen before the Return of Messiah.


Really, the theme, "He will bring you back" is the perfect subject for tonight's meeting, being about what is sometimes called "the Second Exodus." What could be a better topic for us, just before our Passover celebration of the original exodus of our nation Israel from bondage in Egypt?


Our Passover celebration will be streamed live from Tsiyon headquarters in Texas, the night of March 24, 2024, beginning at 8 PM Central. This is a special event for our Tsiyon Members, and will be available only to them at our Tsiyon.Net website. This sacred celebration will not be streamed to any other video locations - its just for our Tsiyon members at our member site at Tsiyon.Net.


This special time together will include an observance of Messiah's inauguration of the New Covenant on the Passover night before His death, by partaking together in the unleavened bread and wine, symbolizing His body and blood given for us. Have your matzos and wine ready, as we all partake together with other believers around the globe. Our custom is to provide a program of about one hour in length, beginning at 8 PM, in which there is time to eat the Passover meal. This year we will be providing a very unique presentation unlike any we have ever done before, all for your edification. After a short musical intermission, we will express our faith in Messiah as explained above.


Of course, we are aware that not all time zones around the globe are in synch with the time of our Passover celebration here in Texas, which is why we will post a video of the live event as soon as we can get it online. That way, our members can still participate, using the video as it suites them.


In conclusion, join us tonight, March 17, 2024, for our online Tsiyon meeting on the theme "He will bring you back" at Tsiyon.Net at 8 PM, Central. Then, next week, Tsiyon members can join us for Passover, March 24, 2024, at 8 PM Central, only at Tsiyon.Net. Get your new year off to a great start with Tsiyon!


In His Name,





PS - If you know other believers who would like to become Tsiyon members, to be able to view our special events and content, let them know they can subscribe free  by signing up as Tsiyon members at Tsiyon.Net .


We have something really special on Passover just for you!

Join us for Passover!


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