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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 19.12 - 01/14/6024 TAM - 03/24/2024 AD

Passover tonight at TSIYON.NET

From Eliyahu


Passover was instituted as a remembrance of the supernatural deliverance of Israel from harsh bondage in Egypt. Today, some people say all of that is just a myth from the distant past, not a real event from history. However, slavery in ancient Egypt is well known as a documented fact.

"Documented evidence exists as early as the reign of Sneferu, in the 26th century BC, of war campaigns in the territory of Nubia, in which war-captives would be labeled skrw-nḫ (slaves) - also Libyans, all of whom were used to perform labor - regardless of their will to the contrary. Reliefs from this period depict captured prisoners of war with their hands tied behind their backs." [See Loprieno, Antonio. "Slavery and Servitude". UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology (2012) pp. 1-19]

Slaves, especially of Syria-Canaan origin were grouped in ghetto camps to perform labor for the state where they lived in harsh conditions, often including beating by their masters. The term for them in the ancient Egyptian language was synonymous with "slave". This is interesting, since it well describes the Hebrew people, originating with the Patriarchs, who had lived in Canaan, and then moved down into Egypt because of the great famine.  [ "The Dark Side of a Model Community: The 'Ghetto' of el-Lahun". The Journal of Ancient Egyptian Architecture]


Researchers have discovered numerous details of the Exodus account, besides slavery, that track closely with archaeological excavations from the period of the Exodus. Bricks made with straw offer one example:

"In the land of Canaan, bricks were occasionally used, but stone was the normal and widespread building material of choice. Even when bricks were employed they did not utilize straw in them. This brings us back to Egypt where we find that bricks with straw were a common building material at this time. Archaeological excavations in the Delta region, especially those dating to around the time of the Exodus, and specifically in regards to the store city of Pithom and nearby Succoth, show that mud brick with straw was the only standard building material. Bricks formerly having straw within them are very distinctive due to the small holes left with the decay of the organic material." [https://www.bibleistrue[dot]com/qna/pqna69.htm#five]

When we consider the vast power and dominance that Egypt exercised over their slaves, it becomes clear that only God Himself was/is greater, with the power to bring Egypt to their knees, to set His nation free.


Passover has continued each year for millennia, echoing the longing for freedom in the hearts of people in every generation. Indeed, slavery has not been limited to the Egyptians, but has been the main power source for every 'great' civilization of the past.  Joseph E. Holloway Ph.D explains:

"The institution of slavery is as old as human civilization. In recorded history, slavery appears as early as the fourth millennium B.C.E. It has appeared almost universally throughout history within various ethnic groups and cultures and is not unique to any race or kind of economy." [Joseph E. Holloway Ph.D, Slavery As An Ancient World Institution]

The Romans offer a horrifying example of the huge numbers of people throughout history that have been used as beasts of burden to build the world:

"As in many ancient civilizations, slavery played a big part in the culture of Rome. Slaves performed much of the labor and hard work that helped to build the Roman Empire and keep it running. A fairly large percentage of the people living in Rome and Italy were slaves. Historians aren't sure of an exact percentage but somewhere between 20% and 30% of the people were slaves. During the early parts of the Roman Empire, as many as one third of the people in Rome were slaves." [https://www.ducksters[dot]com/history/ancient_rome/slaves.php]

Perhaps you are breathing a sigh of relief that you live in the modern era when slavery is behind us - only it isn't. "An estimated 50 million people were living in modern slavery on any given day in 2021. This is nearly one in every 150 people in the world. Modern slavery is hidden in plain sight and is deeply intertwined with life in every corner of the world." This quote is talking about the old fashioned kind of slavery like Egypt and Rome in the modern era. [https://www.walkfree[dot]org/global-slavery-index/map/]


If your definition of slavery is humans under the constant control of others rather than themselves, than we are virtually all slaves of sophisticated modern slavery - it just isn't labeled as such. In the 21st Century digital technologies have revolutionized our daily lives, while also producing detailed digital records of our lives. Governments and government actors have been buying and borrowing private-sector databases containing virtually everything about each of us.


Meanwhile, the National Security Agency (NSA) has built a massive data and supercomputing center in Utah, intercepting and storing some, if not all, of the world’s Internet communications for decryption and analysis. Now, with artificial intelligence (AI) becoming both super-powerful and ever-present, that data can and will be used to manipulate citizens on a person-by-person basis in ways undetectable to them. All this, while information control for social control purposes is the principle trend of both big tech and government organizations. In recent years we have seen all of this and other sophisticated weapons turned against political opponents of the globalist regimes of formerly free countries. There is growing rhetoric against anyone who is not on board with the globalist social agenda. Bible believers are being singled out. Oppression is growing.


As long as oppression and bondage is in the world, Passover will remain a symbol of freedom that stirs the hearts of Bible believers grateful for whatever freedom they now have. Even more so for those suffering under harsh tyranny. As the darkness of digital control by the elites evolves quickly into global tyranny, the Remnant of Israel can lift up their heads, knowing a Second Exodus is just around the corner. This will be our great rescue from the Exile and the return to our true home, in our Land, to a place of safety YHWH says He will provide. This is what I'm seeing this Passover.


Passover Tonight - It is my privilege to invite you, and all of our Tsiyon members, to join us tonight for Passover. This is a unique program we have careful prepared especially for Tsiyon members only. If you can log in at Tsiyon.Net you are a Tsiyon member. A couple of things will be different with this than with other Tsiyon meetings. This will ONLY be broadcast to those who are logged into Tsiyon.Net. This will not be streamed on Youtube or any other video platform, so you will have to log in to Tsiyon.Net to be included. Also, since it is Passover, all of our Tsiyon volunteers will not be available after 5 PM Central to help at our helpdesk, or through other means, because we will all be involved in our own Passover preparations and celebration here at Tsiyon HQ. For that reason we suggest that you attempt to log in at Tsiyon.Net before this evening, while our helpdesk is still open, just to make sure your login is working as planned. That way, if you have problems getting logged in we will still be at helpdesk to help you solve any problems in advance.


Join us tonight, March 24, 2024, at Tsiyon.Net, at 8 PM, Central, for Passover, only at Tsiyon.Net. This is especially for you, and we are looking forward to having you with us for this unique Passover program.


In His Name,





We have something really special tonight at Passover just for you!

Join us for Passover!


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